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Monday, October 10, 2011

What Are You Harvesting?

Seeds.  In the Bible there are numerous stories about them, but I wonder how much time any of us gives to thinking about what seeds we are sowing.  Do we even realize that every day, with everything we say and do, we are planting seeds?  

I know I am rarely conscious of it, but a story I recently heard reminded me that even the smallest of gestures can make a huge impact.  This story is about a missionary.  

This missionary was in need of paper work to be approved in order for the electricity to be turned on in their facility.  The problem was that this paper work could not be “found”.  

However, God was in control.  A man who walked by remembered this missionary and her son from years before.  As a little boy, her son had shared his precious candy and this small act of generosity made a lasting impression.  Now, as a grown man, he was in a position to return the favor and he facilitated the electricity being turned on that day for this missionary.   

Isn’t it amazing how one act of kindness reaped a harvest years later?  

We may not realize the little ways we treat others can have a lasting impression, but they do.  I pray the next time you are tempted to be irritated or the next time you are given an opportunity to share, you remember this story and plant seeds.  

You may not ever know when that seed goes to harvest, but God does and he is faithful to increase the harvest when we are faithful to sow the seeds. 

“Then he said to his disciples, "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” Matt 9:37 NIV

Do you have any examples of seeds you have planted and seen harvested?  Please share. 

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