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Monday, April 4, 2016

Borrowed Time

A while back a friend of mine, Laura Hodges Poole, began her post by saying, “I did something this morning I can’t take credit for. I woke up.” (To read the full post click here.)

How often do we assume we will have another day?

The fact is, we are not promised our next heartbeat…and yet we live as if we will never die.

We put off telling someone how we feel.

We hold onto grudges.

We refuse to say ‘sorry’ until the other party goes first.

We leave tasks undone, words unsaid, and debts unpaid.

One day bleeds into another and we forget how fragile life is.

We ignore the reality that at any moment we could breathe our last.

There’s a Christian song by Jason Gray called, Good to be Alive.

Here’s the chorus:
                I want to live like there’s no tomorrow
    Love like I’m on borrowed time
   It’s good to be alive.

How would your life look if you truly believed these words?

How would you LOVE others if you thought you were living on borrowed time?

What would change in your day?

Who would you contact? What would you tell them?

What task would you make sure was completed?

Would you forgive someone over something that happened eons ago? Setting you both free from the pain you’ve been holding onto?

Would you pray for the person who cuts you off in traffic instead of flipping them off?

Would you pay for someone’s meal at a restaurant simply because you can and it would make them feel good?

Would give away something you’ve been holding onto (like an old car you don’t use) because you realize you can’t take it with you to the grave?

Would you get over your fears and tell people about Salvation through Christ because you know you won’t ever have another chance and you don’t want to risk their eternity?

What would you do differently if today was truly our last day on earth?