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Monday, October 28, 2013

Breaking the Formula

One thing I’m really enjoying about “The Fire of Delayed Answers”  is that Sorge is helping me appreciate the valleys in my life, to be able to embrace the refining instead of cringe at the thought of more pain.

I’m a person who likes routine. I like formulas. I like to KNOW what to do, so I can do it. I’m not very good at waiting or at looking outside the box. Which makes faith (and listening for God) difficult at times. 

God doesn’t have a “set formula”. He can answer prayers in more ways than I know how to count. (please tweet). 

One way He answers the dilemma of my weak faith is to take me through the valley. 

In the valley, I’m forced to search for new answers …to look outside what I perceive to be truths about who God is. 

Sorge says, “The crooked places are areas in our lives and understanding that are not correct but which we think are straight. The Lord will take great pains to straighten out what we have not even thought to question.” (pg 78)

Valleys can create theological crisis because it’s in the valley that we begin to see a new side of God. In the valley God doesn’t always respond how we are used to. 

In the valley my formulas break down. I’m forced to see that my coping mechanisms cannot get me through the pain, ONLY God can! And it’s at this point that I begin to ask questions and God begins to answer…though it may take time to hear from Him.

“One of the reasons we can’t hear from God, when the darkness descends, is that God wants to re-train the way in which we hear from Him.” (pg 79)


Now that I’m beginning to understand the reason behind the valley and that the valley is DESIGNED by God, I’m pliable and ready to learn. 

In the Valley, I come to the end of me and find more of God than I ever knew existed! (please tweet)

The Valleys are pretty awesome times of growth and enlightenment. Not always “fun”, but they are worth the pain.

I pray that God shatters your illusions of who He is and how He operates. I pray He opens you up to the possibilities in the Valley and that you come out shining as gold. I pray that you learn NEW ways to hear God and that He makes your way straight.

God is good. Trust Him even when you can’t hear Him, because SOON you will hear!
Have a blessed week in growing. 

“You don’t go out of the valley: you grow out of the valley.” (pg 78)

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Monday, October 21, 2013

My Wilderness is NOT Yours

Have you ever wondered what you would do in certain situations? 

Have you ever look at someone else and thought you’d do a better job at handling a crisis than them?

I’ve read about King David many times, and I’ll admit there are things in his life that I think I could have done better (you’re probably shocked, I mean, this man took down a giant and is in the lineage of Christ, but he is flawed- as we all are). 

Let me explain before you stop reading- I don’t think I would have handled the whole Bathsheba thing like him and I probably would have stepped in if one of my kids rapped another- I’m just saying, these are easy things to look at and judge him as failing.

But there are other things I would have done differently too. 

Such as take the throne.

David was anointed to be the next king, but he did NOTHING to make that happen. 

When two different opportunities arose for David to kill Saul, he refused to lay a hand on God’s anointed. 

“David was waiting on God alone, even when it was in his power to overthrow or kill King Saul. David’s stance was, “God promised me the kingdom, and God will have to give it to me. I won’t take it for myself.””  (Sorge pg 63)

Not me, I probably would have seen those opportunities as FROM God. I would have jumped ahead and took matters into my own hands.

But I’m not David.

I’m me.

That’s not my wilderness…it was David’s.

That was part of his refining and preparation.

Mine is totally different.

The only thing I have in common with David is God.

God created both of us for unique purposes.

And because we are unique, we need unique wilderness experiences. 

God knew exactly what David needed in order for him to mature into the man God could use to rule His people.

And God knows exactly what I need in order to become the person He created me to be.

The same is true for you. 

You are uniquely made.

My experiences, background, and perceptions are not yours.

How I handle things may not be how you would.

We are different…yet we are both loved and both created to be USED by God.

Our wildernesses look different too.

A thing that seems trivial to me may completely rock your world- and vice versa.

God knows what we need and how much we can handle.

So let’s stop comparing ourselves with each other…or even with people from the Bible.

Yes, we can learn from each other. I learn so much about God and myself through the life of David. I’m glad all aspects of who David was are recorded in the Bible, but I must be careful lest I start judging him. 

While we can and should learn from each other, let’s not fall into the trap of comparisons. It leads to judging and no one is as good a judge as God.

Instead, let’s remember that the greatest commandments revolve around LOVE (Matt 22:36-40). 

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“Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.  Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.1 John 4:7-8 NIV

Monday, October 14, 2013

Why Am I So Alone?

I could spend 8 weeks on Chapter 4 of “The Fire of Delayed Answers” by Bob Sorge. There’s so much here worth sharing. I HIGHLY suggest you read this book. 

Anyway, as I’ve prayed over what to share in 2 simple posts, I feel God urging me to give you hope in knowing you’re not alone.

Sometimes we can be surrounded by people, in the midsts of worship and service to God, and feel completely isolated.  Cut off emotionally and intellectually from those around us. Feeling utterly alone and we don’t understand the purpose. 

You may find yourself asking: 

Why do I feel so disconnected from other Christians?

Why does it seem as if no one understands?

Should I change churches?

Have I done something wrong?

Why is this happening?

Lord, aren’t I following your vision? Why does no one else understand what that vision is?

At times like these, it’s easy to identify with this, “There’s only one thing that’s lonelier than having no one with you, and that’s being in the company of folks with whom you can’t relate.” (pg 63).

David understood this all too well. During his years of hiding in caves, he was surrounded by followers who didn’t understand why he didn’t take matters into his own hands and kill Saul. After all, God had given him two opportunities. 

Jesus also knew what it was like to be surrounded by people and yet feel alone.  The night He was to be arrested, Jesus asked three of his closest friends to go with Him and pray in the Garden. Yet, He found them sleeping 3x’s!  (Matt 26:36-46

Why all the loneliness?

If we are part of the Body of Christ, and are supposed to edify each other, why are there times it feels as if God has separated us from the Body? 

Why does it seem as if we are outsiders looking in?

 Aren’t we all on the same team? 

Wouldn’t it be better if we had a friend to help to pray with us in the garden? 

“The loneliness and despondency are tools in God’s hands to break, mold, and fashion you according to His plans.” (pg 64) 

So take comfort- God has a plan for your loneliness!

He knows exactly what it takes to get your FULL attention. 

God knows you need HIM waaaay more than you need prayer partners or to feel validated. (please tweet)

God wants ALL of us- joy, success, tears, pain- EVERYTHING!

“Then the Lord brought this psalm of David’s to mind: “Bless the Lord, O my soul; and all that is within me…I sensed the Lord asking, “What’s within you? What do you have to give?” I said, “Lord, all I’ve got today is tears.” He said, “Then give me your tears.” (pg 63)


1.        Are you feeling alone, isolated from other Christians, misunderstood? Chances are, God designed this season for you. Seek Him. Only He can set you free.

2.       What do you have to give to God today? Whatever it is, give it.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"I Deserve a Donut": Book Review of a GOD-help book (NOT a self-help book)

I’m thrilled to bring you, “I Deserve A Donut: And Other Lies That Make You Eat” by Barb Raveling

This book can revolutionize your life with its practical application of God’s Word to ALL areas of your life- not just eating!

The Bible tells us in Romans 12:2:And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” 

But what does renewing your mind mean? How can it be done?

Barb quickly shows you how easy it is to take any situation and view it through the eyes of God.
This helps free you from the habits and lies you’ve believed for years.

I use her questions for all sorts of things: Worry, Perfectionism, Procrastination, Justification, and so on.

Just the other day I was struggling with worry. I opened her book and turned to the section on WORRY. Her questions helped me name the things I fear happening, realize how I was trying to control it and then see what God’s Word had to say. Her book showed me how my priorities were different than God’s and calmed my spirit as I renewed my mind with the fact that God is worthy of my trust. 

This isn’t a self-help book- it’s a GOD-help book

It isn’t exclusively an eating book either- It’s a tool that will help transform your mind and can be applied to so many things besides eating (though it’s an exceptional help with any type of eating struggle you may face- from emotional eating to boredom eating, her book covers it).

There were eating issues I didn’t even realize I had until I read her book.

 I hadn’t realized my need for control extended all the way to my eating. This book is helping me uncover inner struggles I’ve had for years and break free from the bondage satan placed upon my life. 

I honestly can’t thank her enough for publishing this. It’s a great asset to any Christian library and is meant to be read more than once.

I HIGHLY encourage you to pick up a copy and read it. You can purchase it on Amazon here

DISCLAIMER- I did not have to give Barb a good review of this book and I didn’t. I gave an honest review from a life changed by her words of Godly wisdom.