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Monday, July 8, 2013

Death is No Respecter of Persons...But God is.

Death is no respecter of persons. 

Working in the ER taught me that numerous times over. 

I use to work shifts that made absolutely no sense.

A loving husband and wife would miscarry a longed for baby while a drug attic 7 months pregnant would demand discharge so she could hit the streets again.

A husband of two would die in a car crash while a drunk driver could survive what should have certainly killed him.

An elderly woman survives an accident while a small child drowns.

The list goes on and on.

Death is no respecter of persons.

It didn’t respect my prayer for my own dad to not die and it didn’t respect the petitions to spare my father-in-law.

So why I’m so bothered by a loved one’s cancer prognosis is beyond me.

I trust God. 

I know we all must die.

I know God holds us and will sustain us. 

He’s sustained me through worse and He’ll sustain me through this. 

And this really isn’t about me (even though it sure sounds like it).

And yet, I’m bothered. 

My heart's distressed.

I take that back, my heart's ACHING for this family member and her kids.

I’m torn between trusting God and wanting to demand that He heal her!

I’ve been through the grieving process with others and walked through it myself. I know all the “right” answers and yet they are not providing comfort at this moment. 

I don’t want to lose another person I love.

But as I’ve stated, death is no respecter of persons.

Death does not care that this woman has 4 children under the age of 18. 

Death does not care about the bills piling up, the loss of work or the pain of chemo/radiation.

Death does not care that this dear lady lost her brother ( my father-on-law) to the exact same type of cancer this year.

Death does not care that the extended family has little faith in the God of the Impossible and can’t conceive of a miracle from Him.

Death does not care…BUT GOD DOES!

God cares when we hurt.

God cares when we struggle.

God cares that people doubt Him.

God cares.

And God CAN heal.

He doesn’t have to.

His ways are higher than ours.

I could quote scriptures right now. You probably have a few going through your head as you read.

I’m not here to get spiritual or religious.

I’m not writing this for sympathy or even advice.

I’m saying all of this so you know what my family’s going through.

And I’m hoping you will pray for us.

Pray for a miracle.

Pray for healing.

Pray for salvation.

Please, just pray.

We need your prayers more than I can state.

My heart's breaking for this family.

Especially the eldest daughter- maybe because it wasn’t too long ago that I was in her shoes. Only I was older, I had a support system and I had a medical degree that brought me comfort and understanding. 

I had all that.

This 18 year old only has a devote love for her mother.

She goes to chemo treatments with her mom. She flies across country to various treatment facilities and waits while her mom has surgery. She keeps everyone posted. She also finished high school this year and plans on going to college. She works part time. She’s trying to get scholarships to pay for college. She cares for her younger siblings. She does all of this at her young age.

Please pray for her. 

Please pray for them all.

Death is no respecter of persons…but God is.

My hope, my faith, my trust is in God alone. 

And boy do we need Him now. 

Thank you. Have a blessed day in Christ our Savoir and Lord.

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