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Monday, June 30, 2014

Spreading Joy- GIVEAWAY

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” Gal 5:22-23 NIV

My first thought when I think of JOY is my attitude about life. Am I a joyous person? Do people see me smiling in the face of adversity?

But there’s more to JOY than my inner emotions. 

When I first began blogging I met a person who inspires me to not only be full of joy, but to SREAD that JOY!

Marie Wikle has a wonderful site called, Spreading Joy. It’s aptly named after a woman who is full of the Spiritual fruit of God’s Joy. It flows out of her. She has taught me what the Spirit of Joy is truly about: Giving.

There are numerous ways to Spread Joy, ways some of which I’ve never thought of until I read Marie’s book. Running errands for a new mom, taking coloring books/crayons to a Children’s Ward at a local hospital, taking donuts to work, smiling at strangers, donating used computers, bringing flowers to someone I don’t know in the hospital/nursing home, sharing flyer miles, listing items on Craig’s list that I don’t need any longer for FREE, leaving notes for a loved one, forwarding an encouraging blog post to friends, providing socks for the homeless, and the list goes on and on! 

Today I present you a challenge: Pick up a copy of Marie’s new book, Spreading Joy Daily. Not only will this book provide you with 365 practical ways to  Spread Joy to those around you, but 100% of the proceeds will go to help provide Back to School supplies to those in need (click to tweet). Spreading Joy Corp is a 501c Charity- therefore not only are you giving to a charity and getting wonderful ideas on ways to be a blessing to those around, but you’re also getting a TAX write off! (You can learn more by clicking here).

You can purchase her book on Create Space or Amazon.
Remember, 100% of the profit goes to providing school supplies for kids. 

As a thank you for reading this (and because Marie loves to give) one commenter will be randomly selected to win a copy of Spreading Joy Daily. Just leave a comment for a chance to win! It would be nice if you’d also tweet about this and share it on Facebook (but that’s not required for a chance to win). The winner will be contacted via email in the following week. 

Marie, thank you for your generous heart. You have brought much joy to my own life. I appreciate you.
You can follow Marie:

Update: I’m still in TIME OUT to let my body heal. But Next Tuesday, July 1st, hop over to Hip Diggs where I’ll be talking about making HOME MADE DEODERANT! (yep, you read that correctly, homemade deodorant!)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Time Out: Injury on the Field

It is with deep regret that I'm writing this post.

Per doctors orders, I must take time away from the computer to allow my elbow (which is causing pain in my hand) to heal. I'm told 3 weeks, but I'm praying for quicker healing.

I'm so enjoying the new book our group is discussing each week, "Forgotten God" by Francis Chan.

There is so much I want to share with you, but it must wait.

I look forward to returning to the blogging world. I'll miss reading your wonderful posts and hearing your thoughts on mine.

You might see a few posts of mine go up in the next few weeks but it's because they were pre-written/scheduled. I won't be doing much blogging or emails in the next few weeks, but I am available if you need prayer or have questions.

I  refer you to Endless Impact and Living Between the Lines for posts on "Forgotten God" that publish each Wed. On these blogs you'll find links to others posting on this book about the Holy Spirit.

Until I can share more, I'll leave you with this verse about the powerful Spirit alive in you if you're a Child of God:

"For God as not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind." 2 Tim 1:7 NKJV 

The Holy Spirit (that is IN you) is full of power, love, and will give you a sound mind when you WALK in that Spirit and not in your flesh.

Walking is an action, it's not passive.

I pray that you will pursue a relationship with the Spirit of God. Learn more about Him, walk with Him, listen to Him. The Body of Christ NEEDS the Spirit of the Living God to revive us.

Blessings to you all.
TC Avey

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Forgotten God: Without Hunger, You Starve

We would expect our new life with the Holy Spirit to look radically different from our old life without Him…Yet when those outside the church see no difference in our lives, they begin to question our integrity, our sanity, or even worse, our God.” Chan, Forgotten God, pg 31, 33

Does your lifestyle point others to God?

Can the world see a change in you? Something different about you compared to everyone else?

Is God ALIVE in you? Do you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you and work through you?

 If you’ve read the Bible, you know those who profess to follow Christ show a marked difference in their conduct. They are NOT perfect, but they strive to live worthy of the name, “Christian”. 

“I am embarrassed by some of my “Christian” neighbors because my unbelieving neighbors seem more joyful, welcoming, and at peace.” Chan, Forgotten God, pg 32

Sadly, I can testify of the accuracy of this sentence. My best friend, who is atheist, shows more “fruit of the Spirit” than many Christians I know. She lives a life serving others, endeavoring to make this world a better place. The basic principles of her life are ones that should govern the Body of Christ. Yet her actions don’t stem from a relationship with God. 

So how is it that she looks (and acts) more like a Christian than the ones who sit in pews each week? 

My post from Monday (How Are God’s People Deceived?) answers much of this question—lack of knowing God’s Word and not applying it to our lives. Not allowing it to dictate how we conduct each moment of our day.

I read an article this morning that correlates to this very thing, “The Crisis of Biblical Illiteracy and What We Can Do About It” . According to this article (which I agree with) America is at a tipping point. There is a decline in people knowing the Word of God and/or not viewing it as authoritative to our daily living. 

I postulate that if we knew God’s Word and allowed it to permeate every fiber of our being things would be different in our world. Case in point, the violence, instability, persecution and wars going on around the world today. Where are the Christians? Are they filling the alters petitioning God for those suffering and dying? Are they crying out to any who will listen about the violence being committed against innocent people? Where is the Christian voice…especially in America?

Just this week I read about a man killed in Kenya for professing the Christian faith (many others died as well, read more here). There are numerous stories about Iraq at the moment. Here’s one about the diminishing number of Christians in Iraq. You can read Caleb Suko’s blog about all the violence going on in Ukraine, and the testimony of brave Christians there. 

Just do a Google Search and you’d be amazed at the world around you. My book, “The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends” endeavors to shed light on the plight of Christianity. 

All these things make my heart ache. Make me hit my knees and ask God for the strength to continue to share His message. I long for more of God. I long for these scriptures to ring true in my own life and in yours: 

Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering. Hebrews 13:3 NIV

 Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.Romans 12:15 NIV

As Christians, we are admonished to remember those suffering as if it were us suffering. 

Have you ever experienced any form of suffering? It consumes you.

We are to be consumed with the suffering of God’s people around the world.

And not just for them, but for those committing these vile acts. God loves those people. He wants to send Christians to witness to them, to show them His love and grace.

But when God’s people don’t know His Word, when they don’t let His Word become ALIVE, the entire Body of Christ suffers. (Tweet please)

I’m excited about the new book club series on “Forgotten God” by Francis Chan. We, the Body of Christ, need to learn to Walk in the Spirit. We need to know the Holy Spirit, to allow Him to move in us and through us. 

Sadly, I don’t think enough Christians know much about the Holy Spirit. It’s the book clubs endeavor to grow in our own knowledge of Him and to share it with you. Please join us during our weekly discussions.

For links to others posts on each chapter go to Endless Impact or Living Between the Lines each Wed. 

Thanks and God bless you with increasing hunger for His Word.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” Matt 5:6 NIV

Monday, June 16, 2014

How Are God’s People Deceived?

When the serpent spoke to Eve in the garden, he didn’t start by giving her a lie. He asked her a question. That questioned highlighted her lack of knowledge about the Word of God (Genesis 3).

His strategy hasn’t changed. Satan still uses questions to deceive God’s people- he doesn’t need to lie to us, simply expose our own lack of knowledge (please tweet). 

There’s a vast amount of Christians today who don’t know God’s Word because they don’t read it.

Combine this with those who go to churches lead by people who are misusing/misinterpreting God’s Holy Word. They have no clue they’re being led astray simply because they never bother to read the Bible for themselves. 

The Bible says His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).

When we lack knowledge of God’s Word satan uses it against us (click to tweet). 

Did God really say…?” He whispers in our ears and over the loudspeaker in some congregations. 

When we have no clue of what God really says we begin twisting the Bible to fit today’s societal norms, because that’s what we are familiar with.

Familiarity with the world enables us to accept things as “grey” that should be black or white. 

Therefore, we allow ourselves to be deceived because we lack knowledge.

Knowledge is power. Satan knows this and he capitalizes on our lack of alertness to what God’s Holy Word says.

Then we wonder why God isn’t working in our churches and lives. 

We don’t know that God can’t work because we’ve hindered Him by our own willful ignorance.

How can we ask in faith, when we don’t know who we have faith in?

How can we walk in the Spirit when we don’t know how to listen to the Spirit?

How can we call satan a liar, and stand on truth, when that truth doesn’t live in us?

How can God’s Word be a light unto our feet when our feet don’t even know what path to tread upon?

So we trade the Word of God for words of men. We build our lives upon those words. They are our foundation and pillar…and they are quick sand.

They prop us up, giving us false security. And when we least expect it, satan asks, “Did God really say…?”
Our house of cards quickly crumbles and we scramble around, trying to glue it back together.

But the only glue that can withstand satan's ability to contort God’s Word is us having that Word hidden in our hearts. We must KNOW what the Bible says like we know our names. We must be intimate with it, not just casually associated with it. 

How about you, is there an area you’re not sure about? Things you’ve accepted as truth that may not be true? Have you ever heard satan whisper, “Did God really say…”?
Maybe you’re questioning:
Pre-marital sex
Paying tithe
Perfectionism and being a Workaholic
Disciplining your children
Church attendance
Music selection
Or any number of topics.

Not everything listed here is necessarily “sin”. But the only way to find out what God has to say about it is to READ HIS WORD.

Acquaint yourself with it and it will guide you through any shades of grey satan may cast your way. When you KNOW it, you will be prepared when satan says, “Did God really say…”

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2 Days Left- Grab a FREE Copy of My Book on Amazon!

Just wanted to let everyone know my book, The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends, is FREE today and tomorrow on Amazon (click to tweet).

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Have a blessed day.

"... remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ Acts 20:35 NIV

Monday, June 9, 2014

No Duh!

Some of you know my background in Criminal Justice and Nursing. Studying and working with those who have Drug Addictions played a major part in both careers. 

I guess that’s why this article made me want to simultaneously laugh and pull my hair out in frustration.

How could people, especially “experts”, be this short sited, na├»ve, and lack basic understanding of ADDICTIONS!?!

Let me start by giving you this quote by Dr. Cicero from the Washington University School of Medicine: “As we made it more difficult to use one drug, people simply migrated to another. Policymakers weren’t ready for that, and we certainly didn’t anticipate a shift to heroin.” (Emphasis mine)

The links to both articles deals with the increase of Heroin addiction. 

The reason behind Heroin becoming a drug of choice: it became harder and more expensive for people to acquire narcotic drugs (OxyContin, Percocet, Lortab, etc) to get their high. 

Not surprising to me (but obviously it was to many “experts”) people looked for a different drug to get their desired effect. Heroin took the place of prescription drugs.

You see, you can’t take one drug away and think it will cure (or even curb) addictions. People will simply replace one drug for another.


Basic human nature dictates that people will search for any means to get what they want. You take one option away and they will find another to take its place.

This isn’t limited to drug addictions.

The same thing will happen with other addictions: Alcohol, Sex, Work, Exercise, Gambling, Etc. 

If policy makers, or anyone, want to make a positive change in our society, they can’t be so short sighted and uninformed. They can’t think that taking options away or making it harder to get a certain type of drug (putting pseudoephedrine drugs behind the counter of pharmacy’s) will stop people from getting high. 

The problem isn’t the “drug”; it’s what drives the desire for the drug that must be addressed. 

The root problem must be dealt with (pain, depression, anger, rejection, or any number of issues). 

This is one of the main problems with America’s policies. They don’t go to the root of issues; they simply put Band-Aids on things that need major surgery. 

You can pick almost any topic in current events today and it can be traced back to this phenomenon.

Example: Gun control.

Many experts and policy makers think that by making it harder for the average citizen to get (or carry) a gun that it will decrease crime.


Criminals will still have the guns.

Those with the intent to do harm will still find a way.

Whether it’s to hurt somebody else, hurt self, or commit a crime, they will find a way. 

If you take guns away, there are still knives, ropes, explosives, or any number of ways to hurt someone else, harm self, or commit a crime.

Please understand I do not want to get into a gun control debate, I’m simply using this as one more example of people severely underestimating the ROOT causes of what drives human nature. 

If we want our world to be a better place, a safer place, it’s time to stop applying Band-Aids. It’s time to address real issue. It’s time for major surgery.  

Yes, issues like narcotic addiction need to be addressed.

Yes, I think policy makers were on the right track with making it harder for addicts to obtain prescription medication.

HOWEVER, for them to be SHOCKED by some of the unintended results due to their decisions is ludicrous.

“Policymakers weren’t ready for that, and we certainly didn’t anticipate a shift to heroin.” (Dr. Cicero)

To me, this statement is the epitome of NO DUH!

If leaders are going to make decisions that affect society, they need to be ready for almost any potential outcome. While they can't control everything, somethings are so fundamental that there should be no reason for anyone to be able to tell our law makers, "NO DUH" as it relates to the outcome of their decisions.

America cannot afford for this type of NO DUH moments. 
What are your thoughts?
(please keep all comments respectful. I realize this post is controversial, but that's no reason to abandon manners).

Also, I'm happy to announce that my book The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends is FREE for 3 days on Amazon (starting TOMORROW). Pick up a copy for yourself or for friends/family (don't forget to leave reviews on Amazon- they really help an author out)!  Enjoy.