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Friday, September 9, 2011

Have We Moved Past Needing Prayer?

In a country founded on Religious Freedom it is hard to comprehend the drift that is occurring across America to a nation Free From Religion.  

The 10th Anniversary of 9/11 is just the latest example of our nation’s leaders moving farther and farther from our founding fathers original intentions.  While not everyone is religious and there is defiantly a wide diversity of religions available, most can agree that they have some sort of prayer in their lives, especially in times of hardships.  

In the past, prayer has been not only allowed, but acknowledged as being pivotal to our country, especially in times of trail.  Over the years however prayer has slowly eroded.  An example is prayer in schools.  

Now Mayor Bloomberg is taking a further step away from religion by not allowing prayer at the 9/11 ceremony.  Since his decision many have voiced protest, even those who do not claim any religious affiliation are scratching their heads at this one (though I am sure there are a select few that are glad at this proclamation).  

Bloomberg’s office has said that they want to ensure the focus is on the victims and their families…my question is (actually questions)…how does prayer take away from that?  

Doesn’t prayer add to the victims?  Do we not think prayer was a major part of 9/11/01?  If it was important to victims then, why is it not important to them now?  

Are we so worried about being politically correct that we are now erring on the side of moving completely away from religion because we worry we might offend a select few?  Doesn’t the majority rule?  Are we not still a Nation founded on God?  

How did we go for so many years allowing prayer for it to now be an issue that is moving us completely away from religion?    

And why did Bloomberg show support for the controversial Mosque near Ground Zero, but is refusing any show of religion at  the 9/11 anniversary ceremony? 

It just doesn’t make sense to me.  (Nor does his specifically barring first responders from the ceremony.  In the past they were not actually invited, but they were not barred either)  

What are your thoughts? 

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