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Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11- Remember to Love

Looking back isn’t always easy, it can bring to mind many different kinds of memories, some happy and some sad. 

 As we take time to commemorate 9/11/2001 we will all be looking back; thinking of where we were when America was forever changed.  We will think about how we heard the news, what we were doing and what we had planned for the day.  Perhaps we continued with those plans, perhaps not.  Some of us were gripped with fear, paralyzed with horror and traumatized by the realization that terror could occur in America.  But all of us were affected to some degree.  

Even those not alive ten years ago have been affected by that day.  It changed how we think, it changed our national security and it changed hearts. 

While much has occurred in the past ten years, I pray one thing does not change.  I pray we all come together as a Nation.  I pray we act towards each other the way we did ten years ago.  That we can lay aside our political, religious and racial differences and we embrace each other as fellow humans.  

I pray those who died did not do it in vein.  The terror attack was meant to divide America, to shake us to our core and make us lose hope… but it doesn’t have to be like that.  

Let’s remember how we felt on that day, how we mourned for all who died, not just certain people: not just the rich, not just the poor, not just the white and not just the black.  From every walk and station of life, from every color and nationality represented that day, we mourned for their lose and we embraced each other.  We reached across the bridge that normally divides us and extended hands of friendship.  

Let’s do that again!  Let’s lay aside our prejudices and look back in remembrance to not only what was lost, but what we stand to gain if we will remember how to love each other, if we remember how to forgive each other, if we remember how to respect all human life.  

We are all different, but those differences do not have to divide us…in our differences lay our strengths if we will only look back and remember the good as well as the bad.  

Let’s all remember.  

God bless America and God bless you! 

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