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Monday, September 26, 2011

From the Big Screen to our World, Are Conspiracies Real?

“Enemy of the State”, “The Bourne Identity” and “The Manchurian Candidate” are all movies based on conspiracy theories.   We watch movies like this for enjoyment while entertaining the idea it could actually be true.  Some do believe they are possibilities; many of these people are labeled “conspirists”, “crazy” or a million other names for their general distrust of governments and large corporations possibly in bed with the government.  

Recent events give credibility to these people and their “hair brained conspiracies”.  
The Blaze released a news article on Sept 21, 2011 related to OnStar’s “new” Privacy Policies (Wired also recently released a similar story).  Briefly put, it allows OnStar to track customers even after they have cancelled their service UNLESS they specifically opt out.  I don’t know about you, but when I cancel a service I usually assume that means I have Opted Out.  

They also retain the right to “share” your information with law enforcements, public safety officials, credit card lenders or others they have contracts with.  

On a related note, Wall Street Journal has released a few articles related to the use of “Stingrays” and our Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable search/seizures.    

From what I gather a Stingray is a device similar to how a cell phone tower operates and can even track cells when they are not being used.  The FBI reports they obtain court approval before using these devices; however court approval is not the same as a “search warrant”.  (A search warrant has to meet stricter requirements).  Many state/local police agencies and the military use these devices to various extents and with various degrees of court approval.  

In the recent past Google, Apple, Nokia and Microsoft have all been before congressional hearings related to their data collection practices.  

All this combined makes me wonder how much more is taking place that we, the public, are not aware of.  Maybe the movies are onto something???

What are your thoughts?   

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