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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Precipice- Quote 3

“He’s so young, and your mom doesn’t even attend our church. She hasn’t attended church since your dad died ten years ago. She’s not on any roster the government’s using to track down Christians.”

The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends


TC Avey


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Here's what others are saying about The Precipice:

“TC Avey has done something quite unique. She has written a refreshingly original book. The story, the characters, the way they come together is something truly special. I started reading and had to keep going to see how it would end. After it ended, I wanted more! This book is well worth your time and will thoroughly entertain you”.
          --Kimanzi Constable, Speaker, Life Coach, Best-selling Author, Tales of the Everyday Workingman (and Woman), Are You Living Or Existing: 9 Steps to Change Your Life, I’m Not Changing My Life For You: I’m Doing It For Me 
         “TC Avey uses fictional stories, along with relevant modern day trends that are not well known, to enlighten readers, from every background, on the issues we face as a nation. While neither provoking the reader to fear, nor condemning the reader for apathy, TC Avey motivates one to acknowledge each person’s responsibility in turning our nation back to God.”
           --Dana Carver, Pastor, Charis Community Church, Chandler, OK

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