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Monday, April 7, 2014

Now Available on Amazon: "The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends"

The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends is ready for purchase on Amazon! (Available in Kindle, but one can read it on a tablet, PC or lap top using Kindle Cloud). 

First, I want to Thank God for gifting, guiding, and allowing me to be used for His Kingdom. I dedicate this book to Him and give all glory due His marvelous name. 

 Second, I want to thank everyone who’s helped me throughout all the stages of my publishing and marketing journey, I couldn’t have done this without you.  (That sounds clich├ę, but it’s true, I really am more grateful than words can express). 

Now, let’s talk about my book!

Scan the headlines of any news outlet, on any day of the week, and you can be overwhelmed by the sheer evil abounding almost unchecked in our world. 

It’s enough to make even the most devote Christians look for a hole to thoroughly stick their heads in.
But as believers in Christ we can take comfort, have hope, and even rejoice as we go about shining His light into the darkness.

The Precipice combines Fiction, Modern Events and Discussion Questions to encourage readers to analyze where they place their trust in comparison to their devotion to Christ. 

You can purchase The Precipice: When Everything We Know End on Amazon by clicking here!

BONUS- If anyone purchases my book on Amazon April 3-14, they can receive two books from gifted authors, Michael Kimball and Dave Arnold, for FREE. Just email your receipt at tnc dot avey at gmail dot com and I’ll send you the info to get these books as a Thank you

Through the course of this week I’ll be talking about my book on various blogs and will keep you updated so you can check them out. This is not including posts others have written to promote the book (THANK YOU).

I know you can get overwhelmed (and bored) reading about the same book, however, each interview or guest post I’ve done is different and I hope promotes more of God, than my book. Please listen to God, not me. Anything good I write is from Him, anything less is me getting in His way.

Monday’s Blog Tour:

1.        GUEST POST-Susan, from Voice of a Patriot- Freedom is Calling
 Have you ever heard the phrase, “with great power comes great responsibility”?
Have you ever considered that FREEDOM is a power? That it comes with great responsibility?
As an American Christian I live in abundant freedom.
Under the U.S. Constitution, no one can take away my “unalienable rights” without due process of law.
Under the Cross of Calvary, my Salvation was purchased at no cost to me and I am now free from the penalty of sin and death.
I am FREE!
I am also Responsible.
I’m responsible for my conduct, again, both as an American and as a Christian.
You can read more here.

2.         INTERVIEW- Chris Vonada, from I’m Just Thinkin, Questions include: Once informed, how do we encourage people to take action, repent and turn toward the Lord? What was the most challenging thing for you in writing this book? (hint: Fear)Will you ever publish another book?
 You can rad more here

3.       INTERVIEW- Sheila Kimball, from Longings End, Questions include: You have a B.A. in Criminal Justice, how did that influence your writing this book? Your book is divided into three short stories. In each, there are married couples facing tough decisions pertaining to their belief in God. What led you to bring this element into your book? (hint: Garden of Eden) How can people encourage others to be engaged and draw closer to God? You can check out the answers to these questions, and more, here.

4.        INTERVIEW- Marie Winkle, from Spreading Joy (great 501c if you’re looking for somewhere trustworthy to give into the Kingdom of God), Questions include: Each person has gifts given to them by God to aide in their calling. How did you know you were called to write? Explain how your book encourages people to be more active in their faith. (hint: Individual Accountability and trust in God) How can people maintain their joy when there are so many troubling things in the world? (hint: Focus on God, not the world). Read more here.

5.       INTERVIEW- Rick, from Planned Peasanthood (This is the most intense interview I’ve done- and potentially highly controversial), Questions include: What do you say to readers who note that many of your sources are either overtly Republican or highly conservative (in the political sense)? What, in your opinion, would it take to get us to an America that more closely resembles Germany in the 1930’s, where books are confiscated and destroyed, and the mere act of belief in a god other than the state is punishable by imprisonment and/or death? As a mother, did you find writing the scene inside the church more difficult than the other parts of the book, or was it something that was surprisingly easy to do once you’d written the scene in your head? No hints for this interview, you have to check it out here.

 6.  GUEST POST- Ginger Marcinkowski, from Novel Travelers- I Don’t Apologize for being Christian. Do you? Shorty after I began my blog, Wisdom of a Fool, I was called a “Christian Apologetic”. I was offended. I had nothing to apologize for! I’m a Christian and proud of it. (Ignorance really can put one at a disadvantage) I had no clue what a Christian Apologetic was, but I decided I’d better find out if people were categorizing me as one…Per Wikipedia, a Christian Apologetic, “aims to present a rational basis for the Christian faith, defending the faith against objections.” While honored people would think I’m able to defend my faith in Christ in a rational way, I’m perplexed that ALL Christians aren’t Apologetics. Read more here.

Purchase it here!

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