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Monday, March 24, 2014

The Precipice- Quote 2

“Government has become our salvation, and the cross only a token of a memory almost completely forgotten. God help us. So many are not ready for Your judgment. The end is coming. Signs can be seen…but who notices? Science can explain away Scripture until God is only a myth, like Zeus.”

The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends


TC Avey


Look for it on Amazon April 7, 2014

Here's what others are saying about The Precipice:  

"Ahead of its time, The Precipice draws the reader in with stories that seem dystopian...but it's a dystopia that's not far off. Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction. Weighty and memorable, The Precipice will challenge readers to examine their willingness to take a stand for what's right." 
--Heather Day Gilbert, Author of Amazon Bestseller God's Daughter

 “With keen insight, T.C. Avey has written three stories that illustrate her understanding of the times in which we live. These are not just amusing flights of imagination but a chilling glimpse of what may lay in the world’s not-too-distant future as evidenced by her Reality Check information and sources following each story. The Discussion Questions lead one into deeper thought and reflection about current events and what our own beliefs and reactions would be in situations similar to those presented in the stories. I highly recommend Ms. Avey’s work. Share the stories with your family and friends…especially non-believers.”    
--Larry G. Johnson, Independent Business Consultant, former CEO of banking and CFO of a publically held company, recognized Speaker and Author, Tar Creek – A History of the Quapaw Indians, The World’s Largest Lead and Zinc Discovery, and the Tar Creek Superfund Site, Ye shall be as gods – Humanism and Christianity – The Battle for Supremacy in the American Cultural Vision with companion Study Guide.

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