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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm Guest Posting Today- Come Find Me!

Is Truth Really Stranger than Fiction?
Find out on my guest post at:  http://voiceofapatriot.com/?p=140

It's like nothing you've  seen from me before.  It’s fun, it’s different and you don’t want to miss it!  You will learn things you never knew and have a blast doing it.

The more the merrier, so please come over and join in on a discussion that may change the way you view the world.
Also, for a chance to win the book, “How Do You Kill 11 Million People?” by New York Times Best-Selling Author Andy Andrews, simply leave a comment on the post and share the link on one of your social media sites!  A winner will be randomly selected and announced on both this blog site and Voice of a Patriot next Wed, April 11, 2012.  Please don’t leave any personal contact information in the comments- we want you all to be safe. Good luck!

Meet you over there!

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