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Friday, April 27, 2012

How I Research News Stories

I’ve been asked where I get the information for my current event/political posts or what sources I use to get my news.  

The answer is complex.  First I don’t take any news story at face value- I do my own research, sometimes more extensively than others- it depends on the topic, how much it seems distorted and my interest level.

I will tell you I listen to both right and left wing media, though both of them make me want to pull my hair out. Though I do listen to some left wing commentary, primarily I listen/read from conservative sources simply because they tend to grate on my nerves less. 

I question everything and I hope you do the same. I hope when someone is using a book as a reference you don’t just take that person’s opinions/inferences from that book, but you read the book yourselves.

Two recent examples as to why you shouldn’t take popular opinion and run with it, but why you should read the actual book - 

1.        Hunger Games- It is being touted as a great book/movie though it has stirred some controversy within Conservative/Christian circles due to its violent nature. That it involves killing has even disturbed a few liberals. I heard a liberal friend say she couldn’t believe people let their children watch it due to the killings.  On the flip side, I’ve also had a Christian friend say she found that the author wrote it in such a way as to make one understand killing is wrong.  I have not read this book, so I will not pass judgment on it and unless you have read it, you shouldn’t either. You can decide based on others reviews if you want to read/watch it, but you shouldn’t praise or criticize this work unless you have actual firsthand knowledge.  

2.       Jefferson Bible- I have recently read a few blogs on this topic and I must say it is getting on my nerves! It makes me want to yell at BOTH sides- HAVE YOU READ THIS BIBLE AND THE HISTORY AS TO WHY IT WAS WRITTEN… OR ARE YOU TAKING OUR WONDERFUL GOVERNMENT AT THEIR WORDS? RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF!!!! History has been distorted for more years than we care to admit, or realize, and this is just one more example of something being taken out of context. David Barton has written a book about Jefferson titled, “The Jefferson Lies”.  While I have not read it, I will say Barton is a man I have come to respect and I look forward to reading it AND researching its content for credibility.  For a different perspective on the Jefferson Bible than the one currently being circulated, go here- I think you will be amazed, this could be a post by itself! (go to about 5 mins into this video if you are short on time):  

I hope from this you can see I don’t just question the authenticity (facts) of a story, but I also question the motives behind the story (example, why is our history being altered, what purpose does that serve and who is doing this manipulation-and if you don’t believe this is happening you need to do some homework because you are buying into a big fat lie!).  Equally important, yet more challenging, is placing myself in another’s shoes in order to try and understand all perspectives- even the ones I don’t like,  but that is vital for me to know why I believe something.  I am convinced you can’t say you know your own convictions until you challenge them.  Know why you believe something.  You must build your beliefs on a solid foundation; otherwise you can be easily persuaded with the changing winds. You have got to stand for something or you will fall for anything - so do your research!   

Often I will provide links to where I get the majority of my material for a post, but not always, and I rarely provide all the links simply because it would overwhelm you.  

I want you to be able to do research for yourself.  That being said, here are a few sites to help you begin:

LEFT LEANING                                                   RIGHT LEANING
Huffington Post                                                                TheBlaze.com
Media Matters                                                  Wall Builders
New York Times                                                               Wall Street Journal
Al Jazeera                                                            GBTV (Glenn Beck- radio program and online TV shows- 14 day free trial at gbtv.com as well as 24/7 free streaming- http://www.glennbeck.com/publish/themes/glennbeck/live_player/)
Politico                                                                 The Savage Nation Radio Show
MSNBC                                                                 Fox News
Los Angeles Times                                           American Thinker Blog

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