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Monday, January 23, 2012

ye shall be as gods Book Review

Have you ever thought about your world view? Before reading, ye shall be as gods by Larry Johnson, I had given little thought to my world view outside the fact that I am a Christian.  

But a world view is more than me being a Christian, it helps to shape my thoughts, opinions, beliefs and dictates how I live my life…my world view is who I am.

So if my world view stems from me being a Christian, what does someone’s world view look like that isn’t a Christian? 

That’s difficult to answer because even Christians have blurred the lines of right and wrong making it difficult for others to know exactly what a Christian world view is.  We (Christians) justify our personal habits in order to ease a sense of guilt that comes from having a dominate Christian world view.  The really astonishing part is that many Christians do not even realize how the non-Christian dogma has influenced our family structures, leisure activities and moral stances.

In ye shall be as gods Johnson takes a look at the two dominate world views that have been in operation since the beginning of time:  Christianity and Humanism.  

Johnson takes the reader through a comprehensive look at both world views throughout history, giving a systematic overview of each point of view from the origin of man to current events.  He explains how each philosophy has battled for supremacy throughout the centuries through governments/politics, churches/religions, education/science, popular culture/media/arts and family structure.  

These categories have fought for the majorities support as repeatedly they have gone head to head in their attempt to suppress, misrepresent or twist the others beliefs.  So far, neither side has backed down…or have they?

Johnson challenges the reader to question their world view and to assess how their world view is influenced by governmental policies, educational practices and through various outlets of popular culture.  

I encourage people to read this comprehensive book to help them not only understand the world in which we live, but to help them identify what they truly believe.  Knowing your world view is key to standing firm in your beliefs instead of being a leaf blowing in the winds of change.

I know this book has opened my eyes, challenged my previous precepts of history and shown me the importance of being aware of current events. 

While this book is not a “light easy” read, it is definitely one that should be on your list of books to check out, after all, not everything in life has to be for pleasure.

This book can be purchased online at Barns and Noble in eReader format or in paperback at http://www.anvilhousebooks.com/

Questions:  Have you read or studied about Christian world views, please share?  What are some books you would recommend for me to read?  

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