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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Soros: To Know Some Ones Heart...Follow the Money

Now that we have looked at the elements that influenced what made Soros into the man he is today and we have looked at a few of the countries he has “helped”, let’s take a peak at some of the ways he funnels his money.  

Soros laundries money through a web of organizations in order to make it difficult to track and to help mask his agenda’s from the public eye. 

We already talked briefly about his Open Society Institute, OSI.  Now let’s look at how OSI (and other Soros funded organizations) uses back doors to influence one organization- Media Matters.  

1.       OSI donates to Tides foundation which donates to Media Matters (Media Matters is a tax exempt organization that is “supposed” to be a media WATCH DOG.  It is supported by many Liberals including Hilary Clinton) 

2.       Democracy Alliance gives to Media Matters

3.       Move On.org donates to Media Matters

4.       Centers for American Progress contributes to Media Matters – ARE YOU STARTING TO SEE HOW THIS ONE ORGANIZATION, THAT IS MAINLY ASSOCIATED WITH PROGRESSIVES, HAS POWER TO MANIPULATE OUR THOUGHTS?  So who are they watching anyway, certainly not the progressives.  

5.       Media Matters turns around and donates/supports Main Stream Media (media we listen to daily)
OSI also donates to these organizations that are Progressive (progressive is another word for liberalism). 

Soros’ money moves around the world shaping politics and pushing left wing agenda’s.  Here is a brief look:

1.        Center for American Progress, CAP - 2006, CAP launched a network of liberal religious leaders called Faith in Public Life. It has a Campus Progress group that advises college student activists on launching initiatives and newspapers as well as helps to provide funding.   It also has a studio that daily offers taped segments and talking points.

2.       Campaign for America’s Future- political organization with major progressive ideas.

3.       National Council of La Raza - La Raza on the surface is a Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization but has been quoted as saying:  “For La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada” which translates “For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing." (Stop and think about how scary that is.  Isn’t America about being a melting pot of various cultures and races?)

4.       ACORN- Google this scandal if you don’t remember- it ranges from Voter Registration fraud to teaching citizens how to “skirt” the law and even run a brothel. 

5.       Apollo Alliance- Apollo Alliance is a project of the Tides Center-- Van Jones is a former board member (look him up- he was part of Weather Underground, STORM, and a self proclaimed Communist and to my knowledge has never renounced his views or activities in the 60’s/70’s) - Apollo Alliance helped to design and promote the stimulus bill which included $110 billion for “green spending”-(new research is shedding light on global warming that perhaps contradicts previous opinion.  Spain used “green jobs” and now has approximately 20% unemployment.  Maybe we do not need to rush into “green spending”?)

6.       Center for Community Change- Associated with ACORN and helping underprivileged groups as well as illegal immigrants.     

7.       American Arab Antidiscrimination Committee Research Group and several other Islamic groups that support suicide bombers.  Regarding 9/11 Soros said in his book, “The Bubble Of American Supremacy,”, “Hijacking fully fueled airliners and using them as suicide bombs was an audacious idea, and its execution could not have been more spectacular.”- SPECTACULAR?? SERIOUSLY?  That is not how I would describe it.  

8.       American Constitution Society is a legal activist group working for left wing progressives to change America’s laws by focusing on how we interpret our constitution (it is now a living document that needs changed instead of amended). 

Thanks Glenn Beck for the following information regarding OSI donations:  

Top 20 grant recipients in 2008 (the most recent OSI filing)
- International Crisis Group        $5,000,000
- Ministry of Education Republic of Liberia        $4,250,000
- Drug Policy Alliance        $4,000,000
- Media Development Loan Fund        $3,900,000
- Bard College        $3,094,539
- Proteus Fund Inc         $3,000,000
- The Revenue Watch Institute     $3,000,000
- The Tides Foundation     $2,875,000
- The Mayors Fund to Advance New York City  $2,512,415
- Center on Budget and Policy Priorities     $2,107,000
- Public Interest Projects    $1,700,000
- The Tides Center     $1,396,681
- Center for Community Change     $1,362,500
- Leadership Conference on Civil Rights education    $1,320,000
- Fund for the European University     $1,100,000
- Center for New York City Neighborhoods     $1,050,000
- American Civil Liberties Union Foundation     $1,000,000
- Center for American Progress     $1,000,000
- Foundation to Promote Open Society     $1,000,000
- Link Media Inc     $1,000,000
(Source: Open Society Institute, IRS Form 990-PF, 2008))))

Are you starting to see how much power this man wields in our society?  Shouldn’t we all know more about him, about his plans for our Country?  We can do this by researching his past and watching how he spends his money.  Soon we will look at some of the recent events he is behind in our media and political arena. 

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