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Monday, January 9, 2012

What's Hidden In Your Heart?

King David is described as a man after God’s own heart.  

How did he get that title?  

That’s simple, he spent time with God.

“Your words I have hidden in my heart, That I might not sin against You.” Psalms 119:11 NKJV

In order to hide words in his heart, he had to study them, he had to know them (and remember the majority of the Bible hadn’t yet been written, overall he had some dry material to read-genealogies anyone?).  

To relate how powerful meditating on words can be, I think of the first time my husband told me he loved me.  I cherish that moment.  To this day, thinking about that moment brings happiness and peace. Even when life gets rocky, I know my husband loves me.  I have his words and his actions hidden in my heart.  

But what if I hadn’t hidden those words in my heart?  What if I just let them fly through my mind like the nightly weather forecast?  We probably wouldn’t be married.  But I love my husband and I treasure his words enough to store them in my heart and mind.  

I love my God too; therefore I spend time in his word.  I want to learn more about him, I want to hide his words in my heart.  Knowing the Bible can’t be done through osmosis, it can’t truly be ingrained in our hearts if we only listen to the preacher on Sunday.  Hiding God’s words in our hearts takes practice, it takes reading, and it takes time. And that time is worth it!

I cannot tell you the number of occasions knowing scripture has helped me.  There are times a Bible is not handy, times I need to know what God has to say, and times I really need help.  Having God’s words hidden in my heart ensures that no matter where I am, I can hear God.  I can know how to handle situations and I can decipher the lies of the world from the truths found in the Bible. 

I pray that you make time this year to hide God’s words in your heart so that you can carry them with you no matter where you go.  You just never know when you need to hear from God and you have no other resource than what is stored in your heart and your brain. 

This year I challenge myself to learn more scripture, will you join me?

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