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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Soros and Occupy WallStreet: What the Media Isn't Telling You

Reading a few blogs and listening to the news perpetuate shadows of truth (who can blame the media [heavy sarcasm] some receive indirect funding from Soros); I have decided to jump ahead on my journey of enlightening you on George Soros.  Much of what I am about to tell you will not make as much sense as it would have if I had the opportunity to fully explain this man, his agenda’s, his past experiences and so forth.  I apologize for not bringing you posts on him sooner, but he is not a topic many like to read on a regular basis. 

Here is a look at what Soros is up to today and why it should concern you:

Soros recently gave an interview on Russia Today (BTW, did you see the interview by Roseanne Barr?) saying how he understood the plight of the occupiers on Wall Street, “I can sympathize with their grievances”. 

 This man is talking out both sides of his mouth!  

While verbalizing support from the “kindness of his heart”, his brain is calculating how much money he can earn and how much power he can wield off the collapse of yet another economy.  (Remember the Fabian Society, LSE and Wolf in Sheep’s clothing?)

Soros has been involved in collapsing FIVE currencies!  FIVE!  He is the “Man who broke the bank of England”, he has been called an “Economic Terrorist” by Malaysia and been labeled an “Economic War Criminal” by Thailand.  There are more things he has been dubbed, but I don’t have the time or space to go into detail.

So what does this have to do with OWS?  Simple, he has made his Billions off of profiting from the downfall of currencies.  

He is absolutely brilliant in how he goes about doing it!  One must follow the money…and that money trail can be difficult to follow.  He has many hedge funds and organizations that he channels money through in order to achieve his goals.  

Since I have not had the chance to inform you on some of the more prominent organizations benefiting from Soros, I will give a brief overview.

Soros’ main organization is Open Society Foundation.  Through this, he channels money to various organizations.  The Tides foundation alone has received $25 million since 2000 from Open Society, who in turn donates money to various left winged groups.    

Related to Occupy Wall Street:  

1)       Soros has provided money to Tides foundation, who has recently donated to Ad Busters.  Ad Busters put out an advertisement on Sept 17, 2011 recruiting protesters for OWS.  

2)       Sojourners (member: Jim Wallace who has been called a Marxist and has the ear of our president) has received $150,000.  

3)      Soros donates to Center for American Progress, CAP, whose spokesperson gave an interview to the New York Times on 10/10/11 stating they were supporting OWS.

4)      Soros supports Moveon.org which is assisting the movement by recruiting virtual supports to help encourage the protesters.  Log onto this site and you can become part of a Virtual March of OWS.

5)      The protester Journal, OWS Journal, is also partially funded by the Tides Foundation. 
6)      The Velvet Revolution, The New American Patriot, has created a new segment of the OWS called Occupy Marines.  The Velvet Revolution has received contributions from Tides (Google the founder of this organization for his criminal past).

Going back before OWS, one can see Soros’ hand in desiring to create a replacement Global Community when the current one fell.  (Remember, “Main obstacle to a stable and just world is the United States” George Soros).

April 8-11, 2011 Soros gave approx $50 million to help organize the Bretton Woods III meeting.  This meeting was orchestrated with the goal of developing a new Global Community.  Bretton Woods I and II dealt with the establishment of the IMF, the Gold Standard and America’s control of the world’s money supply (Google for more info).  

Before even this:

April 8-10, 2005 (is there something about April?) Yale Law School hosted a symposium that was sponsored by Open Society as well as The American Constitution Society and CAP (all recipients of donations from Soros).  This conference was titled, “The Constitution of 2020” and discussed what a progressive constitution would look like.  To help advertise this conference, Soros used a branch of CAP called Campus Progress.  

I have found that this conference also talked about a second Bill of Rights built upon FDR’s “Four Freedoms”, freedom of worship, freedom of speech, freedom from fear, as well as freedom from want.   (Seems pretty presumptuous to me to think any government or person could alleviate all fear and wants from society.  I personally fear a government who thinks it can do such things.)

Given this information, isn’t it possible Soros has another agenda behind supporting the protesters?  Isn’t it possible he is using this crisis to his advantage?  After all, why waste a good crisis when one can use it to further their agenda?  

For more information you can go to my first posting on Soros as well as these two more recent articles:  



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