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Monday, November 7, 2011

OWS vs. The Tea Party: what they have in common and how they are different

As I read news related to the protests sweeping our nation I am stricken with this one thought: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

What does that mean, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”?

After much research into the origins of these protests, their financial backers and the factions supporting this movement, I can plainly see that groups who normally would not associate are casting aside their differences to stand against a common enemy.  

That sounds good right?  I mean, how could people working together for a cause be bad?  

Let’s take a look at some of the groups represented at the protests, (for a more complete list go to:  http://www.theblaze.com/stories/this-is-the-comprehensive-list-of-those-supporting-occupy-wall-st/)

1)      Communist Party USA
2)      American NAZI Party
3)      Revolutionary Communist Party
4)      Black Panthers
5)      Hezbollah
6)      Anonymous (think Wiki Leaks)
7)      Revolutionary Guards of Iran
8)      CAIR
9)      Communist Party of China
10)   Socialist Party USA
11)   Hugo Chavez
12)   David Duke (former KKK member)
13)   Louis Farrakhan
14)   Centers for American Progress
15)   Moveon.org
16)   PRESSTV (Iranian Government outlet)
17)   Marxist Student Union

Now that we know a few of the Supporters/Sympathizers, let’s take a look at some of the facts related to these protests.  

1)       It has been reported that the homeless are being “kicked out” of the protest areas because they are “freeloading”.  I find this ironic because I have seen picket signs of people demanding more handouts from the government.  Isn’t that a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black?  If they want help, why are they not extending help?

2)      There are multiple communist picket signs, too many to mention, but here is one that grabbed my attention:  “Common Good Trumps Individual Self-Interest”.  This mentality is what’s behind the numerous RAPES occurring with many not being reported.  It seems they are saying, “Yeah it’s bad that you got raped, but you need to keep silent for the common good of our cause, we can’t have negative attention take away from our message.”  I’m sorry but many men and women are being sexually assaulted and the perpetrators are being dealt with “internally”!  That is crazy!  If you don’t believe this, there are pamphlets being handed out a various protesting sites that inform protesters of how to handle these situations without alerting the police.  The NY Post interviewed a rape victim (she used a fake name) who reported, “We don’t tell anyone’ she said, “We handle it internally.”  

3)      I have heard some with this collectivist mentality (remember the individual matters less than the collective) try and co-opt MLK.  Let’s please remember history correctly.  MLK did not conduct VIOLENT protests (the Weather Underground, co-founded by Bill Ayers, a stated Communist, did conduct protest that involved violence during that time frame).  In researching this, I learned the sign MLK was carrying when he was murdered said, “I AM A MAN”- that is individual.  He wasn’t part of a collective (though he was part of the African American Community, he wanted people to view each person as an individual who had thoughts, feelings and rights).  

4)      A Few Examples:  Madison Wisconsin is not getting their permit to protest re-instated because of frequent public masturbations.  New Hampshire a 23 year old woman is arrested for trying to pimp out a 16 year old at the protests.  Dallas TX, a 14 year old Runaway is raped.   In NYC a deaf man is sexually assaulted.

5)      Guy Fawkes masks are being worn.  Guy Fawkes is a notorious traitor in England (Remember the movie “V for Vendetta”?)  November 5th is the anniversary of this day. This day used to be celebrated for the failed plot to overthrow the Parliament government, but is now being used as a sign of Rebellion against governmental power.  While I think we all have a right to have our voices heard, do we want to overthrow our government?      http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D9QQP3NG0.htm

6)      Frequent signs and verbalizations against Jews are occurring.  Anti-Semitism is spreading in an alarming rate.

7)      Regular arrests are occurring at these protests as violence/destruction erupts.  

8)      Cops are having bottles thrown at them ( a few functions) and are being verbally assaulted

The OWS protests that are riddling our nation are in vast contrast to the Tea Party Protests that sparked much controversy in the media.

So far OWS has lasted approximately 1.5 months and has resulted in multiple sexual assaults (more than what I reported here and more than what is being reported to the police/media) along with numerous arrests and violence that is costing cities millions of dollars to man.  

Compare this to the Tea Party Protests that lasted 984 days (I didn’t know that until I researched).  In those 984 days there was NOT A SINGLE ARREST OR RAPE!!  Not one!  Because of the decreased violence there was not the need for increased police protection or trash clean up (they also didn’t loot/destroy property like some associated with the OWS protests).

Now let’s go one step farther, (I saw a similar chart on GBTV but have been unable a link to add). 

1)       Recognition of Problem:  Gov’t Spending, Special Interest Groups, Etc. 
2)      The Bailouts Were Bad
3)      Let’s Go To The Streets – Voice Concern

Here is where the similarities end and the DIFFERENCES begin:

OWS                                                               Tea Party
Keep Spending to get us out of this mess!     Stop Spending!
More Gov’t Power                                          Less Gov’t Power
Eliminate Corporations                                   Eliminate Big Spenders
Tax the Rich                                                   No More Tax Increases
Replace/Change Constitution                          Restore/Preserve 
Part Corruption (excuse certain rich)               All Corruption needs to end       

So which side do you identify with?  You may not agree with everything on either side and you shouldn’t…you’re an individual and have individual rights with a voice.  

Regardless of which side you find yourself, can’t we all agree that violence should be stopped and that we want our Republic preserved and not morphed into a socialist/communist nation?  There are groups mixing in with OWS movement that do not want the same thing most American’s do, but unfortunately the media is not telling the full story and/or people are being blinded by their anger. 

It’s time to wake up America before it’s too late and change has arrived that none asked for.

Prayer:  God please help open our eyes to the truth, help us to hear past our biases and be open to honest communication and negotiation.  None of us will get everything we want, but we should be able to compromise so that we do not lose our individual rights while seeking to balance the good of our society.  Help us to expose corruption and in justice eliminate it so that integrity prevails.  Help us to love each other through your heart.  Our nation needs you dear Lord, please restore us.  In Jesus Name, amen.  

(There are too many links to add for all the articles I have read, I have added a few but I encourage you to do your own research) 

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