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Friday, November 4, 2011

My "Attempt" to Explain OWS

I have been asked to do a post to help explain the purpose of Occupy Wall Street, OWS.  I wish it were as simple as a few sentences, but like most major movements, it cannot be explained by one post or even a series of posts (though I will be doing more than one on this topic) because this movement is bigger than any one group represented.  

I believe what we are seeing transpire on Wall Street (and now sweeping our nation and influencing other nations) is something historians will study for generations in an effort to understand how it ignited and what the agenda’s were of all the various groups represented.  I also believe we will never fully comprehend this movement as it does represent so many different things to different people, but nevertheless, here is my “attempt” to shed light on such a foggy topic.

Wikipedia reports, “The protests were initiated by the Canadian activist group Adbusters.[5] They are mainly protesting social and economic inequality, corporate greed, corruption and influence over government—particularly from the financial services sector—and lobbyists.”
(Remember Adbusters gets donations from Tides foundation who has received $25 Million since 2000 from George Soros.) 

To some OWS represents standing against corruption and holding banks accountable for “giving” out bad loans while taking government money.  Never mind that some banks had to take the money because they were portrayed as “too big to fail”.  Never mind that the government encouraged “giving” unsecured loans in a booming economy (Some could argue they knew the prosperity bubble would eventually collapse and they encouraged these loans to help facilitate the fall of the US economy, but that seems sinister doesn’t it?  Who wants to believe there are those that do not believe America is great and would want to cause harm?).  Forget also those citizens who should have known better than to take out loans they could not afford, that they should have lived within their means…and yes I know the economy went south and many lost their jobs, but if more people lived as our grandparents did and not on credit then the downfall of the economy would not have hit us as hard. 

 To others OWS is about fighting big business and capitalism.  For decades we have slowly been taught to believe wealth and capitalism are bad, that we should share the wealth (redistribution of wealth, it’s a trend that even our president supports).  For years, socialist agenda’s have slowly been sneaking into our youths minds until they no longer understand how great a country we live.  That is difficult for some to comprehend.  It is something I didn’t understand until two years ago when I started learning American and World history (and not like it is taught in our schools).    

For some it means a chance to have their complaints heard.  Such as those who call themselves the 99ers, they want a job, but foolishly they are protesting large corporations that hire hundreds of people.  

Still others want an excuse to act out their repression/aggression/oppression and any other pression you can think of.  I have heard that there are trust fund babies out there protesting wealthy American’s, which is just ironic.  There are celebrities lending their support… but I am not sure I understand (or they even understand) what they are supporting.  Some are Anti-Capitalists supporting this movement, which is paradoxical because it is this nation who has enabled them to become celebrities.  I have even heard a call for the return of the Guillotine (Example:  Roseanne Barr and no she did not appear to be joking when she gave this interview on Russia Today).  

Some disapprove the top 1% of American’s and they call themselves the 99%.  This group apparently began this movement after answering AdBusters’ add in Sept.  I have heard some of them speak about our tax system and wanting the top 1% to pay more.  However, from what I have heard, they do not seem to fully understand our current tax system nor know the large amounts the top 1% is already paying (I don’t fully understand either, so I don’t have much to add except that while I believe our tax system needs an overhaul, I do not believe the top 1% should pay even more).  

There are those who stand with unions, with religious organizations and some who simply stand alone.    Some are Anarchists, some are Communists, some are Jewish and some are Muslim (I’m sure there are other religions too, but the media isn’t focusing on them).  Some promote violent rhetoric while others are more peaceable.  Some hate our country and others love it, some want to see change happen for the good of our nation while others just want change in any form.  Some are cop killers/hate the military, while others support our men/women who protect and serve.  Some are a mixture of all of this and some are confused and just want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  There are representatives from the Nazi party as well as the KKK, (In another post I will list the parties supporting OWS, you will be shocked!).  

Tell me, don’t some of these groups induce fear when mentioned, why then is it okay that they are participating in this movement?  Shouldn’t this ring warning bells?

Overall, it is difficult to define this movement because it means so many things to so many people.  The protests breaking out across our nation echo the confusion and frustration of those on Wall Street.  The protest signs in other countries promoting OWS are a different can of worms…from what I can tell they hate America/Capitalism and want to see US crumble, but again it is too difficult to pin down one reason for the support of OWS.  

I hope this helps, but I’m sure it doesn’t.  I’m sorry I cannot be clearer.  I can say I believe many protesting are being taken advantage of by those with more sinister plans than what is being represented.  I can say there is big money behind this and that this movement has been A LONG TIME in the making.  This is not spontaneous as some would have you to believe.  

It also seems to be pretty widely accepted that the movement began with youth, which makes sense to those who know history and read the words of Revolutionaries…youth are easy to manipulate, they think with their emotions and do not fully understand what is at play (not my words but those of countless revolutionaries and those seeking the collective good over individual rights).  

Prayer:  Lord please manifest your light on this situation.  Protect those demonstrating as well as those who protect the demonstrators.   I pray your truth, love and mercy prevail in this nation.  Lord, please bless America.  Thank You that we live in a free nation where we can speak our minds without fear of retaliation.  

What are your thoughts?  Do you know of any other groups represented that I did not mention or do you have more information to share regarding the ones listed? (I look forward to bringing you more information on this next week).

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