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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Miracle of Life

What I  learned while being pregnant…

Being pregnant  taught me a great deal about the brilliance of God.  
Every pregnancy is similar, yet each one is distinctive.  No two pregnancies are the same, just as no two individuals are.  God uniquely forms each of us and this process manifests itself from the very beginning.  It is astonishing to talk to pregnant women and hear about their own exceptional journey to motherhood.  So many resemblances mixed with the variations so noticeably their own that it is actually beyond belief. 
I stand in awe of Gods’ wonder and majesty as I experienced the gift of carrying life inside of me. 
He truly is an amazing creator! 
He doesn’t manufacture us, we are not part of an assembly line…we are original.   
We are special; we are one of a kind.   
 We cannot begin to fathom the imagination of God any more than we can understand how such a God can care so intimately about each and every one of us.   
It is amazing! 
It is humbling and it can all be summed up in one word- GOD!

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