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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Day of Remembering, A Day of Celebration

Today is my mom’s birthday.  A special day for a special lady… but one marked by grief.   

On this day in 2008 my father, her husband, went into the hospital for a twelve day stent. By Oct 1st he left us to be with his Lord.  Leaving us behind to remember the good times, to lament the lost time and to mourn his passing while we celebrate his homecoming. 

His parting is bitter sweet.  Bitter because we miss him, sweet because he is with his Savior.  He never again has to face the harsh realities of this world, the cruelness of fellow man or the hard labor of working to support his family.  The joys of this world do not compare to the elation of being in heaven. He isn’t missing out on a thing by not being with us, instead it is us who miss him.  But we have confidence we will join him someday in heaven and that assurance helps us to move past the mourning and enjoy the life we have left to live.  

I pray for everyone who has lost a loved one that they have this assurance…without it I do not know how one would cope with losing someone so important.  My father meant the world to me and my mom, and today as we celebrate another year of her life we will look back on all our memories of him and not just the last birthday he spent with us.    

Today will be a day of remembering and rejoicing…for the best is yet to come!  

Happy Birthday Mom, I Love You!

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