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Monday, August 8, 2011

A cemetery without God???

Not much is being reported by the media regarding government censorship of Christian religion at Huston’s National Cemetery for Veterans’ ceremonies, where over 70,000 veterans are buried.   If one were to google this topic, not much can be found outside of Fox news, its associate stations, Christian posts and personal blogs.  

With so little being reported it is hard to gather the facts.  From what little I have been able to research it appears the cemetery’s director Arleen Ocasio and other government officials have banned the words “God” and “Jesus” from funeral services.  They are also requiring prayers to be written and submitted for approval prior to being read at services.   

A lawsuit was filed in the federal court related to violating First Amendment rights by three organizations:  National Memorial Ladies, The American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Representative John Culberson (R-Texas) went undercover to a funeral service in attempt to verify these accusations, he reports that he witnessed members of the honor guard being prohibited to make any remarks related to God.  

VA Press Secretary Josh Taylor denies these allegations.  However these accusations are occurring just months after a Memorial Day injunction by U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes who ruled Pastor Scott Rainey was “allowed” to use the phrase, “In Jesus name” during a Memorial Day Prayer.  Ocasio and other VA government officials were not permitted to edit the wording of his prayer despite their avid objection.  

Only time will tell how this lawsuit plays out.  The only thing we can be relatively sure of is that it will not make national headlines across all news outlets when it does.  It makes one wonder if it was Christians trying to prohibit other religious prayers (especially during a time of mourning) how outraged the nation would be…  

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