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Monday, August 8, 2011

Blame Game-Credit Downgrade

As most have heard, America has had its credit rating downgraded from AAA to AA+ by S&P.  Upon this announcement both parties were quick to make comments and cast blame (and why wouldn’t they, it is close to an election year and both sides cannot afford to look bad in the eyes of voters). 
Each political party is pushing responsibility onto the other’s shoulders; some are even coming up with catchy phrases such as “Tea Party Downgrade”.  (Now let’s use some common sense, how can one party be responsible for something that has been in the making long before some of us were even born? The recent debt crisis debates are only the tip of the iceberg.)

Reality is that BOTH parties are to blame.  It has taken America YEARS to get here.  It is time Americans place the blame where it belongs, directly on our own shoulders!  

We ALL are responsible for this…me, you, my parents and grandparents as well as yours.  It is both democrats and republicans that have brought us to this place in time and they did it all with the American peoples blessings.  

We elect people into office to represent us and for the past 50 or so years they have done just as we have asked and now here we are.  

So let’s not blame the Tea Party or Obama, let us blame ourselves and resolve to change the course we are on.  Change can only happen if we vote for it to happen.  America will only be fiscally responsible when we decide to make her that way, when we all learn to compromise and do without.  We have grown complacent and entitled in our luxuries and that is why America has lost her triple A rating.  

So while the media is bombarding us with the “blame game”, let’s decide we are through with politics as usual and choose to make informed voting decisions in this upcoming election.  We made this happen and only we can change it!   

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