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Monday, February 17, 2014

I Can't Manipulate God

Chapter 12 of “The Fire of Delayed Answers” spoke to me. 

I’m the prodigal son- demanding to get what I believe is owed me…deliverance from this waiting period! 

I find myself thinking, “Hasn’t this gone on long enough? What more do you want from me, God?”
As I wait, I stumble between surrender and taking matters into my own hands.

Today, I found myself prostrate, crying out, “I can’t. I can’t. I can’t”.

I can’t do anything to fix this problem.

I can’t do anything to make time go faster.

I can’t do anything…but wait.

There’s no magic formula to praying that will make God MOVE.

So as I wait, I reflect back on God’s goodness in my life and in the lives of others.

I also take comfort in knowing God understands, that’s why He brought me this book.

It’s helping me understand that my lack of faith, my inability to surrender, and my impatience don’t make God any less gracious.

He will answer my prayers.

He will bring deliverance. 

It’s just a matter of time…HIS time.

Not  mine.

Here’s a few quotes helping me through my fire.

“…when it comes to waiting we all blow it…none of us is capable of handling waiting properly…by the time God’s finished with us, we’ve blown it so many times … We realize that His redemptive work in us was not because of our right responses, but only because of His mercy.”  (pg 181)

I’m not unique in my inability to wait. God has dealt with a multitude of people like me. God is merciful. He doesn’t give us what we deserve. He gives us grace to endure, strength to carry on, and a harvest of blessings to those who learn “to wait” upon Him and are willing to give Him the glory due his name.

“When I invoke the promises of God as my just claim, I am not being arrogant; I am not being presumptuous; I am not being audacious or insolent…I cross over into presumption when I try to tell God when and how to fulfill His promises in my life.” (pg 182)

God does not change. He is good, just, loving, wise, creator, etc. I need to trust that. Trust Him. I shouldn’t rush His work in my life. I must be pruned on or be cut off (Luke 13:6-9) and pruning takes time.

“If there’s unbelief in our hearts, there’s no fire that’s better at bringing that to the surface than having to wait.” (pg 183)

Waiting shows me how often I turn to human resources and common sense to solve problems. My trust in God is small. He is doing a BIG work in my life and this waiting season is the answer to my hearts prayer for “MORE OF HIM”. God comes in the fire and He comes in the stillness. I can’t accept one without the other. When we are saved we get all of God, not just certain parts.

“We tend to put our focus on the wrong thing…”If I can only have enough faith, I know I’ll be healed.” Instead of seeking faith, seek the face of God.” (pg 186)

Like Moses I must say, “Show me your glory.” When I seek more of God, the pain of the fire begins to fade. The time constraints fall and my will is transformed.

“…sometimes God does wait till past midnight.” (pg 190)

I can’t put God in a box, thinking He has to answer my prayers in a certain way or time frame. While my mind knows this, it isn’t until I am forced to wait that I realize just how selfish I am. I want my answers in my way and my timing. 

God wants more for me.

So He delays answering and I learn to benefit from the wait. 

What about you, are you learning to wait?

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