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Monday, February 24, 2014

Call for Help: Join My Launch Team

I’m pausing this week’s Book Club discussion on “The Fire of Delayed Answersby Bob Sorge to announce BIG News:
I’m in need of a LAUNCH TEAM!

 Can’t believe I just wrote that! So Exciting!

Anyway, I’ve finally done it. I’ve self published a book.

The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends is a compilation of three short stories designed to help you evaluate your walk with Christ and examine where you place your trust. While the stories are thought provoking and fictional, they aren’t too far from reality. Each story is coupled with Modern Events to show how unstable our world is. This is combined with Discussion Questions that aide you in assessing what you would do in similar situations, as well as help you contemplate how you can begin changing your life and world today. 

The Release Date for set for April 7, 2014

I need your help to spread the word. 

So I’m asking you to join my Launch Team!

The Precipice is a fast read and will not take up much of your time. 

What I’m asking for those on the Launch Team:

  •  Read The Precipice and leave an honest Review on Amazon.com (and/or GoodReads.com) preferably the first week it releases. But I know everyone is stretched on time, so a review anytime is greatly appreciated. 
  •  Spread the word and promote the book anyway you can, especially the first few weeks it is out. Ideas include: 
      1.  Interview me the week prior to the official release and/or anytime afterward 
      2.  Allow me to Guest Post on your blog and tell about my book 
      3.  Publish your own honest review of my book on your site, blog, Facebook page or other social media outlets 
      4.  Write a post inspired by the book and share it on your site/blog 
      5.  Share about my book on any of your social media outlet(s).  Use your own creativity to have fun and help a newbie author out

Benefits for joining the Launch Team:

  • The Precipice Free 
  •  Free book bonuses which I will send you. 
  • Thank you mention on my blog (including link to your site/blog) shortly after the book releases 
  • Satisfaction of knowing you helped me spread a message God has placed on my heart for each believer in Christ

I can’t do this without you. If you can help in anyway, large or small, please email me or message me on Twitter @TCAvey1

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