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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Cost of Discipleship Chapter 20

Matt 7:24-29, END of Sermon on the Mount 

Remember the Nike phrase, “Just Do It”?
That’s how Jesus ends the Sermon on the Mount…Just Do It!

There’s no wiggle room for interpretation, discussion or hesitation. 

 “Jesus knows only one possibility: simple surrender and obedience…he does not mean it to be discussed as an ideal, he really means us to get on with it.”

Following Christ really is that simple- Just Do It.

It’s black and white obedience.

We either follow Christ…or we don’t.

We either build our lives on Him…or we don’t.


“The only proper response to this word which Jesus brings with him from eternity is simply to do it. Jesus has spoke: his is the word, ours the obedience.” 

Jesus calls us.

We either answer the call or we ignore it.

If we answer it, then we must ACT…we must BUILD upon His words. 

“Only in the doing of it does the word of Jesus retain its honour, might and power among us.” 

Jesus warned His followers the road would be narrow and hazardous. 

He didn’t promise sunshine and roses, superiority and privilege…He promised if we built upon Him, our foundation would remain secure. 

“Now the storm can rage over the house, but it cannot shatter that union with him, which his word has created.” 

IF however, we ignore the call…or we initiate the call…the storms will come but the foundation will not stand…it cannot stand without Obedience to answering the call from Christ.
You either obey or you don’t.

“If we start asking questions, posing problems, and offering interpretations, we are not doing his word.”

Like 1 Cor 13 says, it doesn’t matter what you do…if you do it without love (for God IS love).

It doesn’t matter if you call out “Lord, Lord”… if you never answered His call and became His child saved by His gracious blood. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re like the rich young ruler and you’ve followed all the commandments… if you don’t have Christ as your foundation. 

He calls…you answer…or you don’t.

“However vehemently we assert our faith, and our fundamental recognition of his word, Jesus still calls it “not-doing.” But the word which we fail to do is no rock to build a house on…that is why as soon as the hurricane begins we lose the word, and find that we have never really believed it. The word we had was not Christ’s, but a word we had wrestled from him and made our own by reflecting on it instead of doing it.” 

 God speaks…don’t  try to question it, rationalize it, justify it, or find grey areas to build upon.


1.        We have just finished “The Sermon on the Mount”, would you like to begin the section on “The Messengers” (Matt 9:35-10:42)?
2.       Identify area’s you have trouble releasing to God, things you don’t like to let go of and ask God to help you “Just Do It”.
3.       How can I pray for you?

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