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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Character of Popularity and Leadership?

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The Character of Popularity and Leadership?

I read numerous blogs on how one can become a good leader.

But as I watch the news, I wonder if our national leaders read them.

I also wonder what the general population reads. 

Sadly, I don’t think it’s the same blogs as me. 

I listen to left and right wing commentator’s talk about the presidential candidates and get nauseous.

This seems more like a High School Popularity Contest than a Presidential Election!

I know Americans are hooked on shows like American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Bachelor and countless other mind numbing shows that focus on appearance and talent and less on Character and Morals, BUT SERIOUSLY! Are we going to elect our next president based on “LIKEABILITY” and “PERSONALITY”? 

I don’t have to “like” my president as I do my best friend. I don’t have to think, “Man, this is someone I could see myself hanging out with.” 

No. What I’ve got to have is confidence the person can do the job. I must be confident I can trust him (or her) to be honest, to have integrity and to live within the confines of the law- not to manipulate it or override it when it doesn’t fit their agenda!

I don’t need to think our president is “cool” or “hip” or whatever the current lingo is. I don’t have to like what they wear, be in awe of their friends, or be blinded by their skin color/religion.

I don’t care what my president looks like! I don’t care if they tell good jokes! I don’t care if they have a million celebrity friends or none! I don’t care if they grew up rich or poor! I don’t care if they have a million dollars or five bucks! 

ALL I CARE ABOUT IS THE CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER! (Character is more than words, its actions).

Character is what leads this nation, not popularity…or at least it should be.

It’s time Americans learn how to pick good leaders.

Followers will not always agree with leaders. However, they should have confidence their leader is doing what is best for them. They should be assured that when our president makes a mistake (as all leaders do) that he or she will take ownership and not cast blame.

But let’s be real- Leaders give what the masses want and expect. 

In the past few generations, it seems American expectations are low.

So how can we change America’s perception of what defines a good leader?

How can we convince some of our current leaders to be more than they are?

How can we do this when it appears it is only you and me who read leadership blogs, buy challenging books, study quality mentors and actively endeavor to become more than this world requires us to be?

I’m not sure. However, I do know good leaders- especially Presidential leaders- are not about popularity, appearances, convenience, or any of the other things we like to attribute our celebrities.
Celebrities are in a different category. They are celebrities. We like their glimmer and fashion. We expect them to be likeable, to not always be responsible, and to be selfish at times.

We shouldn’t place those attributes on anyone leading our country. 

America deserves more.

But we will give her more? We will take responsibility and vote for leaders worth following?

Will we vote for character, morals, honesty, integrity and all those other qualities not popular with mainstream society?

We will take our leadership blogs to the masses… or expect the masses to come to us?

What would a good leader do?


  1. I have always felt that a true leader is a person that people would follow regardless of whether or not they were in a formal position of authority. A person will achieve that type of influence if they actually have the heart of a servant. A true leader cares not about who they are in charge of, but rather how they can mentor, support and improve the lives of those around them. A true leader would not promote their reputation (those things people see you do) but rather would be focused on continuing to build their character (the inner condition of their heart which drives their conduct - purifying the motives of their heart on a daily basis). The true character of any person shines through to the outside world, but constituents must do their research on who an individual really is, and not just rely on what is 'marketed' to us by the media or by the efforts of a candidates public relations department. Conduct should speak for itself, and a true leader does not need or seek anyone to produce hype to encourage voters to believe in who they are. Everyone in this country needs to WAKE UP! 'The Government' is US! The voters. The simple power of choice that we have the opportunity was granted to us by the BLOOD of our

    1. Thanks so much CL for commenting. Very passionate comment that I know others will enjoy. Currently in having trouble getting to your comment.
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      TC Avey

  2. *sorry was not able to edit my last statement - should read: 'The simple power of choice that we have the opportunity to vote was granted to us by the BLOOD of our forefathers, ancestors and fellow Americans who established this country for FREEDOM'S sake and by NOT voting we are dis-honoring their sacrifice.

    Let's show our thanks for the gift of blood bought freedom and VOTE people into and out of office after we have done our research on who our potential elected officials really are.

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