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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hands and Feet

Theme for Today: Body Parts!

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The Most Beautiful Hands I Know

I sat and watched her.

Her hands were rough, wrinkled, scared. Deformity from arthritis was setting in.

Yet her hands gently stroked his damp forehead. Offering comfort, love, and support.

If he could, I imagine he would have leaned into her touch. Craving more.

For years, they had held each other.

For years, they had supported each other.

For years, they had been lovers and best friends.

But he was leaving her now.

The years ahead looked lonely without him.

I wondered what her hands would do with him gone.

Her worn hands had worked so hard preparing his meals, washing his laundry, cleaning his house, rubbing his back and countless other tasks a devoted wife preformed.

What were they to do when he was gone?

It didn’t seem fair that he was leaving without her.

But the choice was not up to them.

This was above them.

This was God’s will.

Some question God’s will- how a loving God would allow such unfairness.

But they do not know my God.

His ways are above ours.

His love more pure than comprehension allows.

While I did not know what her hands would do in his absents, God did.

And He was already working on a plan.

Shortly after his departure, God gave her something new to hold, something new to love, something new to care for…He gave her a grandbaby!

A few years later, her tired hands still find energy to love a rowdy toddler. To hold him as he wiggles, to catch him if he falls.

She uses those same hands to prepare him meals, to wash his clothes, to pick up his toys, to rub his little feet and to do countless other things only a loving grandma does. 

I sit and watch her.

I cannot tell you the joy it brings my heart to see her with my son.

Her hands, growing more painful by the year, are beautiful to me.

As beautiful as the baby she loves them with.

I pray for many more years with her.

I pray for her hands.

They are beautiful hands. They are loving hands. They are the hands of my mother.

God bless those hands! 


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