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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

BEWARE: Increasing Persecution of Jews & Christians

I had no intention of posting something other than Barb Raveling’s Book Review this week (If you didn’t read it, I HIGHLY encourage you to. I can’t recommend her book, The Renewing of the Mind Project, highly enough) but world events this year are bothering me.

While you’ve probably heard about the terrorist acts in Paris and are even are aware that things are NOT going well in the Ukraine (despite the recent “peace” agreement Putin promised) you might not be aware of all the ANTI-SEMITISM and PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS that is occurring around the globe!

To be honest, there’s too much to even try to share with you. 

But here are a few headlines that have captured my attention and are breaking my heart:

1.       Man walked around Paris for 10 hours as a “Jew” and was shocked by the ANTI-SEMITISM thrown his way by strangers.  This shouldn’t be a surprise since Jew’s have been leaving France and moving to Israel in HIGH numbers due to the persecution they’re facing. This is occurring in other European Countries as well. Many Jews in England don’t feel safe.

3.       For the past few years, Jews in the U.S. have faced an increasing number of ANTI-SEMITIC vandalism on their homes, cars, and places of worship. Here’s just a recent example.  

4.       You’re probably aware that 21 Christians were recently beheaded.  While the Pope is able to make strong remarks regarding it and Egypt has retaliated, the White House has refused to acknowledge that the act of terrorism was carried out against CHRISTIANS.  This, along with other actions by the White House, has left many countries wondering who the U.S. supports and who they are truly against. Our alleys question our loyalty and our enemies feel bolstered by our actions and comments.

5.       Kayla Mueller, an American Aid Worker, was recently executed by the Islamic State after being held captive since 2013. Her family released an emotional letter about her faith in God shortly after her death. The U.S. government has yet to respond, except to assure everyone that we WON’T send in ground troops regardless of what happens. Prior to this event, a Jordanian Pilot was burned to death. This was met by Jordan hanging two prisoners.

6.       Atheists in the U.S. are making advances in keeping religion out of schools, businesses, and basically everywhere. Here’s one example.

Persecution of JEWS and CHRISTIANS is increasing.  In any nation you can find more than a few examples.

Seems like we are fast approaching The Precipice I fictionally wrote about—a time when life as we know it is over.

Brothers and Sisters, I pray you will get serious in your faith (purchasing Barb’s book is a great step in the right direction).

If you can’t stand now, when it’s relatively “easy”, how will you stand when it’s not?

It’s time to shake off the sins that so easily ensnare you. The greed, pride, lust, materialism, entitlement, criticism, and so on that holds you back.

It’s time to get your foundation secure—the winds are howling.

Are you ready?

Do you know how to get ready…know God. Learn His love. Rest in His grace. Let go of the things in this world. Hold fast to your faith. Don’t let possessions possess you.

Times are changing.

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