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Monday, June 10, 2013

Interview with Kimanzi Constable

I had the privilege of being part of Kimanzi's Launch Team for his new book, "are you LIVING or existing: 9 steps to change your life". I wrote an honest review of the book here. As part of the launch team I didn't have to post an interview of Kimanzi, but I want to. I want to share with you about the man behind the book.
1.     One of the things I’m most impressed with about you is your time management. How do you balance pursing your dreams, helping others, blogging, responding to emails, following Christ and spending time with your family? 
It's a constant struggle TC but the key I've found is balance and boundaries. I sat down with my wife and we worked out a schedule where I could work on the things I need to and still spend that quality family time. I have to have the right balance and that starts with putting the Lord first, not me :) 

2    You mention God and Prayer more than a few times in your book. Explain the role Christ plays in your endeavor to help others achieve their dreams?
Your dream has to come from Him. The thing to understand is He puts those dreams in our hearts and minds, we have to listen and see which ones are from Him and which ones we just want to do. It’s easy to get wrapped up in a dream that you want and then try to justify why you think it’s from Him, that’s a dangerous road to go down! When it’s from Him you still have to take action on that dream but He will honor your actions with results. 
3. How do you manage to stay so personable and humble? I mean, you actually follow other people’s blogs and reply to emails! There are many “leaders” out there who say they want to help people and yet they remain distant from their followers. 
I never EVER want to feel or act like I’m better then anyone else because I’m just another sinner saved by His grace. I love people and truly believe in really connecting with them. If I become a NY Times best selling author or some ‘famous” person I would still do the same things, I never want to get too “Big”, I will always remember where I came from and who helped me get to where I am now. 
4.             What challenges has your wife and kids faced as you’ve pursued your dream?
The biggest challenge they’ve faced is dealing with me sometimes. I do my best to keep a balance but sometimes I get TOO focused where I don’t pay attention to them because I’m so wrapped up in what I’m doing online. This has been a three year journey and at times they haven’t always loved my dream because I’ve pushed too hard. I’m so grateful for them and they are my life, I just have to unplug from time to time to really appreciate that. 
5.              What’s been the biggest surprise since launching your new book, “are you LIVING or existing? 9 steps to change your life”?
The biggest surprise has been the amazing support and help I’ve had launching the book. They are a ton of posts, interviews, and shares. I had a launch team, so I expected that but what I have not expected is how over the top they have been about getting the word out. When I woke up this morning and say all the shares and what was said, I cried, it was overwhelming (in a good way)! Thank you!

6.              Tell us about your upcoming projects?
Up to this point I have talked about a lot of different things but going forward I want to focus more on my core message: I help people stop settling, stop making excuses, so that they can live the life of their dreams. 
I have talked a lot about ebooks, speaking, marketing but I want to focus, speak and create products that are all about helping people figure out what their dreams are and how to create a game plan to make them a reality. 
I plan to launch a podcast, and the biggest thing coming up (you’re the first person getting to hear about this TC) I will be hosting a “Are You Living or Existing” conference! 
7.              How can people contact you/follow you? (provide links to your FB, Twitter, Blog, etc.)
I’ll make it simple, you can find me at http://kimanziconstable.com. From there you can find all my social media links and a bunch of other free content! 
8.              How can people purchase your books?  
You can get the book at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Books a Million or wherever books are sold. If you have a local bookstore, ask them to carry it!

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