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Monday, June 17, 2013

He Laughs at His Children?

I learn so much about God, the Father, through my son.

Yesterday my toddler was trying to stack cars on top of each other on our couch (not an easy thing to do). 

He had finally managed to get two cars to “stay” stacked.

He was so proud. “I did it! I did it!”He screamed as he clapped his little hands together and looked to me for praise.

I was just starting to clap when our small dog ran across the couch, knocking the cars over.

Instantly, my son fell on the ground and started crying, “He knocked them over!”
It was hard to suppress my giggles as I picked him up and showed him we could re-stack the cars.

His tears dried immediately and he quickly forgot the incident as he enjoyed moving his cars around and stacking them again.

But his passionate reaction lingered in my mind.

How often do we throw temper tantrums like that over silly things that seem important to us?

How often does God chuckle as He watches us act like toddlers, unable to control our emotions, over the smallest situations?

How often do we forget to look to Him to help us rebuild?

As I write this, more revelations seep into my soul...

Do we look to Him for praise (as my son did me) for accomplishing small and large tasks? 

Do realize He’s right beside us in ALL that we do? 

Do we realize He WANTS to be involved?

Do we include God? 

God isn’t just God… He’s our Father.

He wants to praise us for our accomplishments.

He wants to pick us up when life knocks us down.

And yes, I think He does chuckle when we act ridiculously dramatic over small instances in life.

No matter our age, we are His little Children!

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