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Monday, April 22, 2013

Would God Say You're a Good Listener?

Have you ever had anyone tell you you’re not listening when you thought you were? 

When you listen, are you really paying attention to what’s being said or to what you want to hear?

I’ve recently asked myself these questions.

I’ve come to realize I “SAY” I’m listening to God, but really I’m just waiting to hear what I want and disregarding the rest. 

I’m picking and choosing what I want to hear. 

I didn’t realize I was doing this.

I really thought I was listening. 

But after asking God repeatedly for something and not getting an answer, God revealed to me that He HAD given me the answer, I just wasn’t accepting it.

I was waiting to hear the outcome I wanted. 

It sucked when I realized I wasn’t getting the answer I was looking for.

 But it was also liberating. 

I had my answer. I could move on. I could accept the solution (even though it wasn’t what I wanted) and let go of the frustration I’d been experiencing. 

While I found this to be a relief, I imagine God did too.

Now He wouldn’t have to HEAR me say thing same thing over and over and over again (kidding).

You see, God is a good listener. He does hear everything we say. He never tunes us out and He doesn’t push our needs aside. 

While He has the best solutions for us, He doesn’t force them on us. He patiently listens and waits for us to shut up long enough to HEAR. 

This was a pretty good lesson.

I’m certain I’m still not the “best” listener God has, but I’m getting better at HEARING.

How about you…do you HEAR God or are you listening for certain answers?

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