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Monday, April 15, 2013

A New Summer! (Plus an opportunity to further the Kingdom of God!)

Do you know anyone you’d describe as Vivacious?

I only know one such person…my friend Summer Gordon. 

Her name accurately describes her…she is full of life, full of sunshine, full of summer.

Recently Summer prayed a bold prayer…a life changing prayer.

Summer prayed for God to change her. She told God He could take anything away from her as long as she got MORE of Him.

God was quick to respond (blessed are those who hunger and thirst…Matt 5:5-16).

Shortly after praying this, Summer lost her job. 

This opened the door for God to show Summer who He is and what He had in store for her (guess what, it wasn’t a career that many envied). 

God lead Summer to Sierra Leone. She spent a short time there ministering to orphans. 

Upon returning home, Summer began missing her “kids”. She discovered she didn’t care about her career and she found her God-given calling…to be a missionary.

Before we go any further about her calling (and how you can help), I want to tell you a little more about Summer.

Not only is she giving up on the “American Dream” (Summer made a nice living), she is also giving up comforts many of us take for granted: Like showering in a tub and not the dirt ground where you need to bathe after a bath, like electricity/internet/medical care/etc.

You might be saying, “of course this is what she’s giving up, it’s part of the package.” But let me tell you more about Summer…she’s a naturally pretty girl, she’s a girl you wouldn’t think could go without her hairdryer and makeup, she’s a girl that turns heads with her outward and inward beauty.
Let me tell you something else about Summer, she suffers from SEVERE allergies. I’m talking allergies that can be life threatening as well as annoying as they interfere with daily living.

Summer is trusting God to keep her safe as she leaves modern connivance's and medicine behind to care for His orphans (her kids).  Summer has to fund not only her monthly expenses (which include security guards) but also solar power to refrigerate her life saving/sustaining allergy medications. 

Summer needs your prayers. She needs prayers for her safety (each morning she wakes to the Muslim call to prayers), for her walk with Christ to overflow into these kids, and for healing in her body.

Summer also needs financial support as she endeavors to change the lives of the orphans God has entrusted her with. 

Summer leaves April 28 and will return for a brief visit home around Oct. 

If you’d like to financially support Summer, there is a monthly donation up on the website, click here ! (any amount $5, $20, $100, whatever, is greatly appreciated).

Even if you have no money to give that’s okay. She needs prayers. I encourage you to commit to praying for her on a regular basis

I will try to give updates on her work as I receive them, though this will be tricky as internet access there is VERY limited and postal service isn’t easily available either. 

Thank you for any support (whether financial and/or prayers) you can give. 

God bless. 

Urgent Prayer Request and Praise Report: A few days ago the orphanage was the target of a hate crime. The facility was destroyed and a few of the older children were hurt and detained (praise God they were released from police custody Sunday afternoon!). Currently, outside the fragile walls housing these precious Warriors for Christ, the riot is still going on. Stones are being thrown even as inside the kids and missionaries are having worship serve!
Please keep lifting them all up to God. This is a precarious situation.

Thank you and God bless.

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