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Monday, May 14, 2012

The New N-word

There are certain words that are taboo. Words we don’t like to say, let alone think.  Words that evoke raw emotions better left dormant. Words that shatter our carefully constructed illusions of safety. Words that haunt us, words that taunt us and words that beg to be spoken- even if they don’t want to be heard. 

And maybe that is why the media isn’t giving much coverage to the rise of the N-word:  Nazi.

 That’s right; the Nazi party is alive and growing in popularity around the globe!

But to play devil’s advocate for the media, perhaps they think this is silly, that this is something to write off and not take seriously. 

I mean come on, “there are Nazi parties growing in popularity?” 

Yeah, Right.

It sounds preposterous. Absolutely ludicrous.  

Who would take this seriously?

Well, you should for one…because it’s true.

Here are the facts :

Last year the Nazi Party was established in Egypt. 

They are also active in:
United States of America

Let’s focus on Greece.

The Golden Dawn Party, who call themselves the “Peoples Nationalist Movement” have gained access to the Greek Government for the first time in history!

In 2009 this party held only 0.3-0.5% (depending on which news article you read) of the popular vote in Greece, now they have a whopping 7%!  That is a HUGE increase in a short amount of time.   

This 7 % of popularity earned them 21 seats in parliament! This means their voice will be heard, they will be able to influence policies and they will impact Greece.

This is hard to comprehend, especially when you realize it was roughly 70 years ago that 10% of the Greek population was killed by Nazi’s. That means in Greece today, 10% of the population lost loved ones to those who called themselves Nazi’s and now 7 % supports this group!

Now you might be thinking, “this party wouldn’t be gaining in influence if they really were Nazi’s and besides, their party is called “The Golden Dawn”, so there is nothing to worry about.”


Okay, they are not calling themselves Nazi per say, but they sure do look and act an awful lot like the Nazi’s from Hitler’s regime (take a look at some photos).

If you need further convincing, here is a quick glance at their platform:

1)      ALL Immigrants are ILLEGAL
2)      Instead of deporting Immigrants, they want to make “work camps”  to place them in
3)      Close ALL Borders
4)      Withdrawal from the European Union (EU)
5)      Create a “Doctors with Borders” to provide healthcare only for citizens
6)      Close ALL foreign non- governmental organizations

If that doesn’t make you stop and think perhaps they are not the nicest group to support, perhaps this quote will:

“So we can rid the land of filth”


Their words, not mine.

So how is all this possible? Why would people support this party?

Simple, Greece is farther down the road of moral and political corruption than America.

When people lose trust in elected officials, when they feel overwhelmed and hopeless, when all they see are lies and corruption, they become desperate for change.  And they look to anyone, or group, that promises change (does that sound familiar?).

Greece’s unemployment is greater and their debt higher than ours.  They face severe cutbacks from a government too large and this does not appeal to anyone. So they are crying out for someone to save them.

And the Golden Dawn Party is answering that call.

Are we seeing the rise of the Fourth Reich?

I don’t know, only time will tell.

But one thing is certain, sticking our heads in the sand and ignoring this is not wise. People ignored/underestimated Hitler and his words in “Mein Kampf” and look how many lives were lost?

Remember, at first, Hitler was praised…even by Americans.  

Please America, Please World- WAKE UP!  

We don’t need a political party to make this world right. We can start by living the GOLDEN RULE! 

(FYI, did you hear the news today- the Euro dropped in fear of Greece leaving the EU).

Resources (plenty more you can Google):

Special thanks to GBTV for drawing my attention to this important topic.

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