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Monday, December 5, 2011

Child-Like Faith

My son has recently recovered from being sick.  Not much can make you feel more powerless than a sick child; likewise not much can draw you closer to God.  

During my son’s illness I did what was humanly possible to comfort him and treat his illness, thankfully I know someone who isn’t bound by human limits…God!

God not only healed my baby, not only comforted him in his pain, but he also comforted me.  He provided me wisdom to treat and peace to see me through.  It is so wonderful to have a relationship with a Savior who cares so intimately for his creation.  

I cannot express my gratitude to God in mere words, I cannot begin to explain how important he is to me, but I trust he knows my heart and understands all the things I cannot verbalize.  

What I can do is tell you of his helping hand and pray that you know my Savior as your very own.  I thank God for all his love and devotion; I thank him from the bottom of my heart, for not only saving me from my sins, but for caring about my journey here on Earth.  Thank you Father! 

For information on how to accept Jesus into your heart, accept him as your personal Savior (guaranteeing your entrance to heaven) please read my post labeled Salvation http://tcavey.blogspot.com/2011/08/romans-road.html 

It not only helps Christians lead others to the Lord, but it also provides steps (Roman’s Road) for you to accept him as your Savior, questions to ask yourself about your beliefs and finally a sample prayer to help guide you to a personal relationship with Christ Jesus.  It isn’t hard; it only takes the faith of a Child.

Christmas is an excellent example of child-like faith.  Children believe in a Santa Clause they cannot see, a Santa they have only heard stories about…Why is it so difficult for us to believe in Jesus Christ?  There are countless more stories about him than Santa, countless testimonies from those who have been touch by the Savior.  I pray this holiday season you find the faith to believe.  I pray you believe like a child.  

"A god who let us prove his existence would be an idol."  Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Personal Reflection:  Whether you are a Christian or not- What obstacles are in your way of coming to a personal relationship with Christ?  What are you holding onto instead of holding onto him?  He longs to love you as a father does a child, are you letting him or are you holding back, scared he will ask too much of you?

Question:  Why do you think it is difficult to believe in Jesus?  

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