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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Freedom Of Religion or Freedom From Religion???

Two intersecting steel beams forming a cross survived the twin tower bombings of 9/11 and have become a symbol for many, both Christian and non-Christian alike.  On July 27, 2011 a group called American Atheists filed a suit against having this symbol as part of the 9/11 memorial on grounds of religious equality.  

As I try to process this I am struck by a myriad of emotions and thoughts.  

First I think of our religious freedom here in America and agree with their viewpoint that all religions deserve representation (however not all religions are seeking representation so I am unsure why they feel this fight is necessary).  Our forefathers fought and died to secure religious freedom, therefore I concur with the basis of their argument.  

But then my emotions take over my logic and I can’t help but feel that our nation is turning from a society where Freedom of Religion flourishes to a nation Free from Religion.  Our desire for political correctness is obscuring rational thought and blurring the foundation of what makes our nation so great.  We live in a free society that enables people of all nationalities and beliefs to live without fear of persecution, however in our effort to ensure “equality” we are only enabling our differences to stand out and separate us instead of allowing us to co-mingle coherently.  

What is wrong with us?  Can we not see that as we strive to make all things equal we are actually making them less so?  We are moving toward a nation where freedom of speech and thought will be hampered in the name of political correctness, where we will all live in fear instead of glorying in our ability to live different yet liberated.  

My next thought is a touchy subject…the mosque being built near ground zero.  How is it that Christians are being told to be tolerant of this construction (non-Christians who oppose also have to tolerate it) but cannot expect the same respect regarding a cross-like structure that came out of the devastation of 9/11?  Why does it matter that it happens to represent Christianity?   

Why must Christians be so tolerant when it feels as if no one is tolerant of them?  Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?  

So I guess overall, while I am glad we live in a society where people can voice their concerns, a society that allows everyone to have an opinion, I am sorry this group has found it necessary to file a law suit over something sacred to so many.  This is a symbol to many who either survived or lost loved ones on that faithful day in 2001 and should not be made into another spectacle of our lack of tolerance for another. 

May God bless America and help us to not lose our freedoms in the name of tolerating political correctness. 

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