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Monday, June 19, 2017

How Others Built - Building a Framework of Hope: Part 10

I love History.

Therefore, in the next few posts we will explore how others endured great hardships in order to help us Build our own Framework of Hope so we too can come through the fire with something worth passing on to those who come behind us.

The things I’m going to share have come from the following books:

4.       Night by Elie Wiesel

The people in these books did not one day decide they were going to be heroes—in fact, they didn’t even view themselves as heroes.

They didn’t go into the midst of Nazi Germany thinking they were going to change the world. And they didn’t sign up to be Role Models for countless individuals in the years following their bravery.

NO, they simply did what they had always done.

They lived a life of character DESPITE the circumstances they found themselves in.

You see, the decisions you make today, how you face trials now, and the things you build your life around, ALL play a factor in WHO you will become and HOW you will respond to catastrophes.

How you live your life RIGHT NOW helps determine if you will be able to “rise to the occasion” when, and if, your world collapses. 

At one point or another, all these people were faced the ultimate question (besides Salvation):

What’s my purpose in life?

Everything was taken from them.

They lost their jobs, homes, possessions…even their family. 

They had no status. No freedoms. Limited choices.

What motivated them to endure?

Why didn’t they give up, run away, or stick their heads in the sand? 

Some were driven by the need to survive for their loved ones—they maintained the hope that they would see them again. Or they felt compelled to resist the evil around them and wanted to tell the world the truth.

Others found their purpose in God—being an encouragement to others, shining His light, exemplifying His love. 

All felt the pressure to give up. 

None of them WANTED to go through the holocaust.

But they realized bemoaning the circumstances wouldn’t help. 

They had a choice.

And they chose to live above their situation.

They fixed their FOCUS on something greater than themselves, their possessions, and their environment. 

I look forward to sharing with you some of the things these brave individuals have taught me. I pray you will join me as we look back in time in order to build up our own HOPE that can endure anything.

Your Turn:

Do you have any heroes that inspire you?
Who's your role model and what has he/she taught you?  

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