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Monday, July 21, 2014

Why We Need To Rest To Be Restored - GUEST POST

This is a Guest Post from Dave Arnold.This  originally was published in my June Newsletter. (If you haven't signed up for my Quarterly Newsletters you can do so here, just make sure to complete the activation in your email.)

I decided to re-share this post with you because it's such an important reminder for all us bloggers and writers. We tend to get so busy we forget the importance of rest for our selves, and how it enhances our relationships with God and our families. 
As you know, I've  been away from blogging for a few weeks due to health reasons, this time away has really blessed me spiritually. God knows we all need rest. I pray you're refreshed by reading this. I look forward to returning to the blogging world in SEPTEMBER! (Next week you'll see an interview by Amazon's Best Selling Indie Author Heather Day Gilbert, if you're thinking of self publishing I HIGHLY recommend reading this interview!) 

As a bonus, Dave has offered a FREE copy of his book, "It's Possible" if you will subscribe to his email list by clicking this link.

I'm still out on medical leave, so Dave will be replying to all comments. Enjoy reading and have a blessed week.

                       Why We Need To Rest To Be Restored

What's the first thing you think of when you hear the word rest?

If you're working crazy hours at your job, or if you are a parent with small children, you're probably thinking of one thing: a bed.

Granted, to rest does involve sleeping; but the rest I want to talk about is more about restoration and recharging than sleeping.

The prefix "re" - as in restore, recharge, renew - has the idea of returning to an original condition.

For the past two months, I have resolved to "return to" those things that are most important by resting  from my work, refocusing on my relationship with God, and spending quality time with my family.

I'd like to say I've done wonderfully in my endeavor to rest, but the truth is it's been a challenge at times.

I am a person who tends to find my identity in what I do (i.e. my work). It's hard for me to slow down and "just be."

Moreover, I think it's hard for us living in the culture we live in, a culture, sadly, that is dominated by work and performance and busyness.

And because we live in a media-driven world, it's even easier to work all the time (checking our status, emails, etc.).

One of the areas I needed to detox in was my incessant checking of my email and social media sites on my phone. I've come to realize that having my smart phone attached at my hip is not healthy.

So now, instead of checking my phone the first thing in the morning after I get up, I spend time in prayer.

So why is rest important and why should we do it?

(1) To reflect. God created the world in 6 days and then rested on the 7th (Genesis 2:2).

Did He need to rest? No. But He did as an example to us. Work is good, of course, but rest is just as vital, for it allows us to reflect on what we did and say, as the Lord did, "it is good."

(2) To refocus. If you don't stop to rest from your work, it becomes all-consuming. 

It takes stepping back, evaluating, and refocusing your energies.

When we don't do this we burn out. 

(3) To be rejuvenated. Taking a break from your work or daily routine allows for margins in your life.

Think about a piece of paper without margins. It would be chaos. It's the same with our lives. 

When we don't step aside of our busy routines it leads to chaos. 

Life without margins, without a pit stop, leads to stress and health problems and all sorts of nasty things.

There's a reason God instructed us to rest - and He always knows what's best.

Question: What are some ways you rest?

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