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Monday, August 12, 2013

UPDATE on Summer and her Mission Work in Sierra Leone

Back in April I told you about a dear friend of mine leaving EVERYTHING to answer God’s call to be a Full Time missionary in an Orphanage in West Africa (you can read her testimony here).  

A few have emailed asking how she’s doing.

First, I want to say THANK YOU for praying for her and/or for donating to support her ministry (You can donate here). 

Next, I want to tell you that God is using her in some amazing ways! Each time I get a report on her I am brought to tears. I can’t believe the impact she is having in a predominately Muslim society. 

One example of God working through her is a recent story of her helping get medical treatment for a toddler. At first I thought this toddler was one of her orphans, but it wasn’t! 

She “stumbled” upon a toddler having convulsions and quickly took action. She had to take him to 3 different medical facilities before someone would treat him. During the entire process she cried and prayed.

At the end of the day she goes back to the orphanage tired and scared this little soul won’t make it through the night. He has both malaria and pneumonia. 

The next day she “hurried” (seems there’s really no such thing there) to check on him. When she got to the hospital ALL the IV’s were out and the toddler was awake and active. The medical staff said it was a miracle. 

But that’s not the end…the parents (Muslim) to the toddler were so impressed by Summer’s love and willingness to help complete strangers- as well her answered prayers to a God they didn’t know- that they are now attending the Christian Church! 

There are more stories like this…but there are also spiritual battles she faces on a daily basis. Struggles I can’t begin to fathom. 

Summer has asked for prayers for healing in her body (remember from my previous post she has severe allergies), relief from loneliness, as well as patience. 

Please add her to your prayer list. She and her team need your prayers. They are working hard for God’s kingdom… and if possible, please consider donating. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Disclaimer: I apologize if any of this information is slightly inaccurate, communication is difficult and I’ve pieced this information together to the best of my understanding.

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