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Monday, July 22, 2013

Time Management: To Everything There is a Season...

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” Ecc 3:1 KJV
I’ve been in an extremely busy season since the beginning of July. As a result, my time alone with God suffered.

And me being me, I began to seep back into my old thought pattern of worry.  (You can read about my addiction to worry here). 

I began worrying about…EVERYTHING. 

And then…I got overwhelmed. Discouraged. Beat Down. And feeling Defeated. 

I hate this poor-me attitude and refused to stay in this pitiful state.

I knew what had caused this and I knew how to fix it.

I needed one-on-one time with God.

And oh it was beautiful.

All my fears…all my worries…all my burdens… melted away as He spoke truth into all the lies I’d allow to build like a volcano inside.

I don’t have all the answers and I don’t need to.

To everything there is a season…

Yes, I’m in a busy season, but that’s no excuse for cutting back on time with God. (please tweet


Maybe you’re in a busy season. Maybe you have too much on your plate. Maybe you’re overwhelmed and beat down.

If so, there are links to some scriptures that really lifted me up:

Psalm 31 (especially verse 15)

What stands out in all these verses is TIME.

Time is in God’s hands. 

We have a limited amount of time so we better be using it wisely and making each moment count. 

If something doesn’t have eternal value- LET IT GO!

For me, my focus must be on:

1.       God
2.       Spouse
3.       Son
4.       Family
5.       Serving God through: loving others, investing in my community/church, blogging
6.       Pursuing a writing career

When I get these out of order my world starts to collapse. I’m thrown off balance. While pursing traditional publishing is a goal of mine (and I believe God’s), it mustn’t override my other responsibilities. Likewise, serving my Church is important but not when it interferes with my walk with God (Sound confusing- volunteer more time at your church and see how scarce Bible time is- after all, you’ve just spent umpteen hours serving in the church, surely God will understand if you cut your Bible study time down by 15 mins?) 

When I seek God first (Matt 6:33) all these other things will fall into place. 

Renewing my mind in scripture isn’t all that helped turn my frown upside down (cheesy, I know). 

My fellow bloggers helped me re-focus and get grounded.

I wanted to share with you all the wonderful blog posts that lifted me up, but there are too many and I WORRY I’ll forget to include someone, so I won’t mention them by name.

Just know that each post I’ve read from July 14-18 has touched my heart in some way. For that I say THANK YOU! 

This blogging community means so much to me. Though I’ve never met most of you, we share a connection.

I know my life will continue to be busy and I might not always be able to blog as much as I’d like, but that doesn’t mean you are not important to my growth in Christ. Please know I do read sometimes and not comment. 

Please also know your blog matters. You speak words of truth, life, conviction, challenge and more to people (ME) on a regular basis. 

Keep up the good work. 

Your blog matters.

Your blog makes a difference.

Your blog has impacted me…that’s why I keep coming back! 

Thank you.

Have a blessed week and don’t forget to get into the Word and let the Word get into you! (please tweet)

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