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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"are you LIVING or existing? 9 steps to change your life" Book Launch + $100 FREE STUFF!

When Kimanzi Constable posted on his blog, tales of work, about being part of his launch team for his new book, “are you LIVING or existing? 9 steps to change your life” I didn’t hesitate to participate. 


Because Kimanzi has not only LIVED out these principles, he’s maintained his integrity and modesty as well. 

Over the course of knowing him through blogging, I can honestly say Kimanzi has remained a true friend. No matter how busy he is, he takes time to read my blog. But it’s not only that. There has never been a time he hasn’t quickly gotten back to me via email when I’ve had a question, prayer request or concern. 

He means what he writes!  He’s down to Earth, practical and entertaining. 

In his new book he shows you step- by -step how to make LASTING changes in your life. He walks you through obstacles you will face as you endeavor to pursue your dreams. He explains realities you will encounter, such as: Making grand plans but having your desire fizzle out before ever implementing them, overcoming negativity from within as well as from without, and how to tackle physical, mental and emotional strains on your time and resources

But he doesn’t stop there: Kimanzi also explains how to maintain these changes as well as why it’s important to pay it forward

I’ve implemented some of these principles in my own life and they work! It simply takes ACTION and DEDICATION. 

It’s not rocket science, its common sense. So stop thinking you Can’t LIVE out your dreams/make radical changes to your life, the main thing holding you back is yourself.

If you purchase this book between May 1-19 you can also get $100 of FREE STUFF - additional books, webinars and more! 

To check out the FREE bonuses click here

What are you waiting for? 

Disclaimer: I was given this book as part of Kimanzi’s launch team but I in no way had to give a positive review. I only wish I was  better at putting pics up here so I could show you the cover.

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