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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

God's Coming Tomorrow

My heart was heavy.

So much to pray for.

So many hurting and needing a touch from Heaven.

God, how can this go on? 

God, come back soon!

 I hung my head as my heart broke. Tears rolled down my face. 

God, your people need you.  The lost need you. 

Am I doing enough? What else can I do?

Then I heard Him speak, “What if I told you I was coming back tomorrow?”
My head snapped up.


Now, I knew God wasn’t literally coming back “tomorrow” (Your reading this, so it’s a testament to that).

God was asking what I’d do differently if I KNEW He was coming tomorrow.

I stopped crying. I had my answers. 

No, I wasn’t doing enough.

There’s more work to do. 

So, I’m asking you…

What if God told you He was coming tomorrow? What would you MAKE SURE was done today?

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