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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hidden Hero

Many have never heard of Poland’s Irena Sendler, AKA Irena Sendlerowa.  She was a hero to approximately 2500-3000 Jews during WWII.  Disguised as a nurse, this social worker would go into typhoid inundated ghettos and smuggled babies and children out using a variety of devises including tool boxes, coffins, sacks and more.  

She was captured, tortured and scheduled for execution before a bribe enabled her to go free, yet none of this stopped her from helping her fellow man.  After the war, she assisted the children in locating any surviving family members, of which there were few.

In 2007 it is reported that she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, however this is difficult to verify due to nomination information being kept secret for fifty years.  

The world has many hidden heroes that go under appreciated or completely overlooked.  

Do you know of any hidden heroes that deserve recognition? 
Please share their stories. 


  1. What an amazing woman, where did you find her story?
    I know many hidden heroes but not sure I have a story to share. I will think about it!

  2. I actually found her story from an email someone sent me from Snopes.com. After reading snopes I Google her and found more information from wikipedia and Los Angeles Times. I plan on researching her a little farther. I discovered that PBS did a documentary on her, and there is a play, "Life in a Jar" as well as a television movie "The courageous Heart of Irena Sendler". I can't believe I had never heard of her before, she was such an amazing woman!