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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good Grief! Book Review and Giveaways

I just finished reading, Good Grief! How to create an oasis when life is a desert by Erica McNeal. 

When Erica contacted me about doing this book review I was honored…and completely unprepared for her book to rock my world! 

Erica shares her heart wrenching testimony of battling cancer three times, going through miscarriages, losing a baby 80 minutes after birth and a failed adoption. No holds barred:  she is raw in her emotions, honest in her pain and real in her walk through the desert of grief. 

A few pages in and I was crying.  

Let me just say, I don’t cry. It takes a great deal for me to cry and she had me in tears on more than one occasion.  

Her writing is from the heart, it is genuine and it is inspired from God.

While you might be thinking, “oh I don’t want to read about someone’s grief, I have my own to deal with” let me say, this book isn’t just about overcoming hard times with the help and grace of God; it’s about living victoriously through this journey called life. It’s about growing spiritually as we allow God to mold us even through the most horrific experiences.  It’s about not letting despair define you- it’s about how you define despair!

Even if you have never dealt with grief personally, this book is still for you.

Erica takes the reader through helpful things people can say, do and pray for those who are hurting. She also points out unintentional pain we can sometimes cause those who are grieving by giving shocking examples of things people inadvertently did to her and her husband during trying times.

This book is a fast but powerful read. I encourage you to pick up a copy today- especially since there are tons of giveaways Erica is offering in honor of her book Launch this week! 

Erica will be doing the following giveaways for those who purchase a copy of Good Grief! between June 11- 16th.

Purchase an eBook, soft cover, or hard cover copy of Good Grief! and send your receipt to goodgriefgifts@gmail.com. Each person who sends their receipt will:

1. Have up to 5 opportunities to win one of the following daily thank you gifts:
a.      $45 Carrabbas Gift Card
b.      $45 Outback Gift Card
c.      $50 Amazon Gift Card
d.      $50 Best Buy Gift Card
e.      Signed Hard Cover copy of Good Grief! and a Signed copy of The Hour that Matters Most from Les and Leslie Parrott

2. Receive a free downloadable podcast of Erica’s talk, You Are Not Alone.

3. Receive a free downloadable recording of the Intro of Good Grief! (which is an awesome poem you don’t want to miss!) 

4.  Receive a link to immediately download a pdf version of Good Grief!

If you are interested in purchasing this book for a group study- Purchase 10 or more copies of Good Grief! and email your receipt to goodgriefgifts@gmail.com to receive a six week Good Grief! Small Group Discussion Guide! With a Learners Guide.
You can check out Erica’s awesome website here and her blog here. You can follow Erica on twitter here.

You can purchase Good Grief! at Barns & Noble, Lifeway and Amazon

This book was provided complementary by the author for purpose of review.

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